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Did You Ever Watch Generation 1, 2, 3, or 3.5?

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I remember a commercial for one of them on a tape I used to watch, but other than that, I was unaware of the shows’ existences. I only knew about the toys. 

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I have watched everything, including Newborn Cuties 😬

Everything besides NC wasn’t so bad

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I saw a bunch of G-1 episodes on youtube years ago---they've been taken down since :/  I thought it was a pretty decent adventure series with some good worldbuilding---it wasn't quite up to G-4's standards, but I thought it was pretty good. 

I actually thought about writing a G-5 fanfic that brought back a bunch of fictional species that G-1 introduced that were never continued in G-4:  lava demons (who weren't necessarily evil, mind), ice orcs, salamanders, undines, kraken, lizard-folk...

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