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This thread is about the weirdest candy pics you can find. I have been around the webs alot and i have seen some really weird candies. so i thought that this might be a fun thread for us to enjoy.




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14 hours ago, Splashee said:

Pringles®, that is all I have to say. Too good to resist! Right @Treeglow Flicker and @Tacodidra ? Agree with me plz :lie:

The Hot and Spicy flavor... :pinkie: I completely agree! :yay:

There are a lot of things I could post here, some of them probably too bizarre... :twismile: The first one I could think of that wasn't completely inappropriate was BonBon – a Danish candy brand that really likes using disgusting themes for their candy bags.





Just two examples, they have a lot more. :please: The candies are actually good in spite of everything!


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