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What's your current project?


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  • 2 weeks later...

A friend and I are "working" on a very large fan fiction. 

Although due to the amount of work she has, and our joint procrastination skillsets we... don't get that much done.




Still think procrastinationatory should be a word, despite its grammatical ridiculousness.  

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Trying to get my Mechquestria RP off the ground. I think I wrote too much in the synopsis and that scared away some people, so I'm streamlining it. 


I'll also see if I can successfully co GM the Canterlot High RP back off the ground. 

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I'm working on cross-analyzing ancient texts, especially the bible, with modern day theories involving computer science, particularly things like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Potential relationships between the Olivet discourse as well as various passages from the book of Daniel offer profound, fundamental, but subtle similarities to ideas involving the technological singularity, especially the hypothesized "intelligence explosion" leading to beings possessing superhuman (and possibly completely non-human) intelligence.


This has largely been a solo effort thus far, but I've also had a lot of discussions with a fellow open-minded computer science major who doesn't scoff at putting religion and science in the same sentence.

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For an informal Graphics assessment, we have to make a poster with a famous person's quote on it for our school's library.


I know, it looks generic at the moment. ;p



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My current project... Hmm, I'm working on an Animal Jam parody video. I have a few ideas, but I'm currently working on "Animal Jam - How to Troll". I'm getting used to Camtasia! Although I've only got the 30 day trial, it's awesome. So I'll finally be able to make proper videos.

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Learning the bass clarinet. Because that's going to go better than the tenor saxophone, oboe, and Bb Clarinet. Totally.


I have a specific goal, though - learning a particular fun piece, and recording it and posting it up for my friends. If I can manage that, I'll for sure try it with the tenor saxophone and oboe, too.


Now that I've posted it, it must be done, right? =P


I kind of flipped on this... I got inspiration to finally learn the oboe, and so far I've been doing better than I was when I've tried over the last couple of years. Plus, I'm going to start lessons! ^_^


I also bought a nice microphone, so when I get up to par with the instrument I totally plan on recording a couple of songs that I already have started learning.

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A friend and i are (as of today), working on developing a game, planning on an Android release first then porting over to iOS if we get enough of a following to justify paying the licence fees. Steam after iOS if it gets a decent following but thats not likely ;)

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Oh boy, where to start...

I don't have any pictures readily available, buuuut...

-Complete Freddy Fazbear head by Halloween

-Finish learning Game Maker so I can begin work on my new game project that I'm currently mapping out

-Finish mapping out said game

-Get better at art

-Start an ask blog to assist in getting better at art

-Find something new to YouTube about (I WOULD still be working on my old stuff if my friend didn't post a link to it on 4chan -_-)

-Innevitably: Homework

-Get through teenage gender identity issues

-Get rid of burn on roof of mouth

-Git gud

-Nerf Greninja

-Fix modded Nerf gun

-Get into Airsoft

-Nerf channel?

-Winter and Spring musicals

-Figuring out how this list got so long

-Get caught up on Gravity Falls

-Play through Pikmin 3

-Establish Pikmin 4 hype in my brain



K, got that last one done.

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