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Gaming what's your favorite pokemon? :p

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Meganium has been a long standing favorite of mine, though Volcarona is a close 2nd. A really close 2nd. I think it comes down to the fact that I had used a Meganium before Volcarona, which would've been hard not to with the generations they're from

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Ditto. He is all the Pokemons. :3 


On a serious note, Gengar is my absolute favorite. Something about his simple design and mysteriousness has always made me like him. Plus I could never get him before due to lack of the ability to trade a Haunter so it made him even more of a Pokemon I have always wanted. Also he has a ton of excellent move potential. 

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Quagsire - He don't care about anything happening around him.

But seriously, Quagsire is probably tied with Gardevoir for me.

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I gotta choose Grovyle. Simply because of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. He's such a great pokemon, and an even cooler character in those games :P


Asasdfvshdehsfandbwar PMD is masterpiece. I did a run through Emerald with a Grovyle named Dawn (name inspired by that scene with the sun rising) He was Hasty nature too.


My favorite pokemon are actually the ones I use in my team



And yep, I found a random shiny Magnemite when trying to capture one in New Mauville. \o/ (Magneton is one of my favorite pkmn)

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