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3D modeling ponies

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So I've got access to a 3d printer and I want to get started printing some ponies!!! If anybody can walk me through how they build ponies on either blender, tinkercad, or some other free software, i will gladly send you a small print of your oc! 

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I briefly tried this out w/ Blender, but I don't have an image to post here right now.


Blender has the highly useful ability to paste a background image into your workspace, as long as you're using orthogonal view (i.e. no foreshortening.) This allows you to build a model on top of the image, so if you have a pony from at least the front and side, you can reasonably well model them on top of the reference image image.


However, I find that the images you get won't precisely line up as they are hand-drawn, and some guesswork or improvisation is still required to make other angles look good. I modeled Celestia, who looked great from the exact front and side, but weird from most other angles, especially above.

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Blender is the software i use for.. well.. pretty much anything 3D xD


But I myself have pretty much 0 skill when it comes to actually modeling anything, i am however fairly skilled at editing models and setting up material nodes and stuff..

But It's tricky to find a good quality model for a pony as it's tricky to directly convert a model from a 2D draw style to 3D..


Here's a render of an old model i downloaded and edited ages ago..




Ironically i downloaded edited this for a brony friend of mine.. before I myself became a brony xD

The ironic part is i thought it looked good until i saw how terrible it actually looked compared to those in the show when i started watching it, hahaha xD

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