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Cynthia nudged through the door leading into the Canterlot library, the light clinging of bells could be heard. Accepting the sudden warmth, she opened one of her saddlebags and pulled out her mug, examining it, reminiscing over how much the mug meant to her. With a light thump and a cling of the door's bell, the rather large wooden door came to a close, and a slight echo could be heard. The sound, playing her heartstrings, trotted happily over to the coffee machine that she had made from some spare parts, and checked the pot.


Still warm. Cynthia thought as she poured herself some.


The sound of a booming voice compared to the silence of the room surprised Cynthia a tad, but she had known somepony must've put her coffee on for her. She turned to be greeted by an older orange pegasus.


"Hey there, Cynthia! Nice to see you. Enjoying your coffee?" The orange pegasus asked.


She nodded. Cynthia trotted towards her desk in the middle of the atrium full of shelves and books, wowing her to no avail.


"I still don't see why you need to drink that stuff. I've heard it turns your hooves black!" The orange pony said, slight sarcasm in his bassy, soothing voice.


"You know that old mare's tale isn't true, Harold. Besides, you know of my addiction. I told you about that!" Cynthia stammered, a little distressed.


Harold raised one hoof apologetically. "I was just teasin', no need to get you saddlebags in a twist."


Cynthia shot him a half-smile. He knew just how to mess with her.


Suddenly, there was another clang of bells, along with a cool morning breeze wafting it's way through the warm library.


Who is there this early in the morning? A customer? Cynthia thought, glancing at the clock. It read, 6:30. We had only just opened!

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