What's going on with season 5?

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That will happen in the future.

I'm liking season 5 a lot so far. For a while my opinion was that season 5 wasn't as good as season 4. But really what I figured out is that I was thinking on the season in the wrong way. All the seasons of MLP are unique in their own way and comparing to each other season just doesn't work. Now I show explain what I mean:


Season 1:

This season was the introduction to the show and characters as well as the world of FiM. The world that was presented in season 1 seemed harmless and appeared to have perfect harmony. A group of happy friends in a perfect world. Things were easy,and sometimes a bit ruff but in the end all of it worked out for the good. It had a everything will work out in the end positive additude that made you feel like nothing would go wrong. No real evil in the world, unless you count luna becoming jealous as evil but really she learned from her mistake and turned good again. So yeah, nothing too dramatic. No one purposefully evil and causing chaos existed. It gave a happy vibe that no one show has. 


Season 2: 

I have heard people refer to season 2 as "The dark days of season 2" being a little over dramatic but I think they are quite spot on. Season 2 introduced a new element to the world. It showed that not everything is perfect and even evil does exist in the magical land of equestria which was seemingly positive and perfect. Those vibes really seem to be dulled a bit in the season 2 opener as they introduce discord. "disharmony" came back from his stone imprisonment and reeked chaos throughout the perfect land. So it felt as if the story of FiM just took a dark turn because your previous ideas of a perfect world were destroyed. Not to say that the everything will work out in the end vibe was gone. It just really evolved into the new aspect the show has which is no longer that their isn't really any evil, but that the magic of friendship will always win. So this season introduced a new element to FiM that allows for amazing stories today and interesting characters we see that are evil.


Season 3:

Season 3 added a lot to the characters of the show. In sleepless in ponyville we first see scootaloo and rainbow dash become "sisters" and we see their relationship introduced. We had seen hints before this episode but had nothing full to comment on. We also were introduced to princess twilight, she got her wings. She then become a princess, no longer a study of celestia. Which changed a lot for the shows future. Some people think good, some bad. We also got to learn more about trixie which was a plus. You see a lot of character development in this season which is why i like it.


Season 4:

Season 4 fully developed princess twilight and what she is meant to do as a princess. Their is a whole over arking story theme throughout the season that leads up to the finally. While others would say season 5 is the season of continuity, I would have to say this season is for that. She their are subtle references to previous episode this season but I have to say season 4 ties all the episodes together and brings them to one story leading up to the opening of the box. This season fully establishes what twilight will be doing now that she is a princess. Because after all twilight's job before becoming a princess was to send celestia letters on what she has learned about the magic of friendship. Now thats gone she needed a new assignment and as we learn at the end of season 4, it is to spread the magic of friendship throughout all the land. Dubbing her the princess of friendship.



Season 5:

Since the season isn't over I won't really comment too much on season 5. Only really stating that this season has quite a differen't feel writing wise as it does to the previous season. You will notice an a lot more emotional episodes compared to the last seasons. Many commented this as the show becoming more mature. If you think of season 5 as the same way you thought of the previous seasons, you might think its a big weird taking a different route. But really all the seasons have different ideas and introductions, so really, if you compare season 4 to season 1 you will see a drastic difference. So its just a matter of perception really on whether you think its bad or better. If you think of it the same way you thought of season 2, their might be some disappointment. While it does have elements from season 4 the season is completely differen't from the other ones as it always is. So to conclude I'm sure season 5 will be as good as the rest but not commenting directly on my opinion of it until its over.


That will happen in the future 0_0

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Why are there so many people who hate Princess Spike? I mean, I wouldn't say it's a 'great' episode, just an average Spike episode

I think most people can't stand to see Spike be so incompetent.

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Ha! Haven't posted recently and haven't been very involved with this season either. I've watched all of them and liked a few but over all I'm meh about this season.

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It depends on who you ask.


Personally this is probably my least favorite season so far, the only episode I can even remotely care about is Amending Fences and maybe Canterlot Boutique.

Princess Spike is also my least favorite episode of the entire show, and it took me three sittings to even watch all the way through it.

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