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general Long Nails or Short Nails?

Lunar Echo

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I normally totally forget about my nails, until someone remind me, how long they are and that i should cut then.

But nowadays i try to keep them short.

But not to short, because sometimes i cut them so short, that they almost grow into my flesh, if i dont watch out.

So...i try to keep them middle lengh.

Also its easier to do certain things, with a little long nails, like opening things or grab paper.  :lol:

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My nails are longer than most other guy's nails and sometimes even longer than some girl's nails. I just find them handy (pun very intended) and I can't be bothered to cut them often nor am I a biter.

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I perfer to have long nails.I'm just used to having long nails. And when i have short nails my hands feel weird.

And I don't like painting my nails the smell of nailpolish makes my head hurt.

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