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Thoughts on Spitfire's mom having lines before Mane 6's moms?

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I do wonder if we'll ever see dash and fluttershy's parents with speaking roles in the show. We got Rainbow blaze appearing, but no confirmation on what he's like, or anything about dash's mother.



Where's Fluttermom's wings?

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I would like to see more of the Mane 6's families, but I'm fine with Spitfire's mother. I just like seeing secondary characters in gereral. One of the things I liked about Rarity Investigates was that it had so many secondary characters.

Yeah I would like to see Twilight's parents again, Rainbow's parents, Fluttershy's parents and Pinkie's parents again.

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I actually kind of like it when parents of main characters aren't much of a factor in a show. I wouldn't mind seeing the mane six's parents more just for the sake of backstory and insight into the worlds of Twilight and co, but if the pony parents started to get too much screen time and development, it would detract from the "mainness" of the mane six for me. In my mind, the mane six are young adults and as such they have probably only moved away from home relatively recently. Say, two or three years before the onset of the show's timeline. That's a time in a character's life when I want to see them establishing their own life and who they are. Of course they are going to keep in touch with their parents, but if they hung around with their parents too much, it would feel more like they were teenagers to me and the show wouldn't feel the same.

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