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So, you want to make a successful post?


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You can also just hope some random dude comes in and brohoofs random posts.


For example, I'll brohoof a few in this thread for the sheer, unadulterated hell of it.

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My posts are always good.


They share answers to the mysteries to mankind.


They mindf**k.


Without you knowing, of course.


so you are saying they are subliminal messages silently pushing humanity towards the truth?




seems legit...

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Humorous images and videos, well-placed links to such things, and wit are key elements to all kinds of posts, outside intense discussion are all what works for me~ Make the colorful ponies laugh and giggle through casual trolling, and you automatically triumph. Unless you have a grump like Celestia Posted Image


Speaking of which little ponies, observe this brand new message I have to give you:















It's that simple <3

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Please, ladies. Clam down,

there IS enough of me to go around (;



Yeah, but its all mine. Everyone else back off. :angry:


Be one of the staffers, and you get brohoofs for no other reason than the fact you've posted something. As proven by the Canterlot Castle posts.


Other than that, be Doctor XFizzle, and you get brohoofs for - like he said - being the wittiest.

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I try to only post in topics that I feel I can give an honest, relevant and (hopefully) decent response to. I'm neither creative or spontaneous enough to post in every topic I come across, and I would probably come off as posting just to get my post count up. :(

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I miss the days when it was so hard to make discussions forums into popularity contests that nobody really even bothered.


EDIT: To be honest, I kind of hate likes, brohoofs, etc, on forums. I'm against anything that encourages people to post one way or another outside of keeping things functioning, and unless it's on a debate forum where rules would need to be more strict and more effort would need to be put into content.


I feel like it encourages people to seek peer validation not through offering their unimpeded insight and humor when they feel like offering it, but through specifically seeking to gain likes. If people can't gauge via likes how much people are enjoying what they're posting and be tempted to react accordingly, they will continue to post and socialize au naturel - which to me, is the whole point of a discussion forum. Unfortunately, things like funny gifs and other low-content fare tend to get the most, and we wind up encouraging people to keep posting them.


On another forum I'm on people tend to be very close-minded and quickly try to shut down topics that don't fit into the view of the majority. The first few posts on any such thread are always low-content ones stating the popular opinion with no real explanation, followed by maybe a hundred or so likes from people who want to hop on but don't actually want to participate or expand when they can just piggyback. It also potentially overwhelms the fresh meat to be arguing with someone in such a situation.

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