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Movies/TV Pound Puppies season 2 should be starting soon


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Here's some interesting info;


According to this production website, the completion date of season 2 is May 11, 2012. So Hopefully the new season will start soon!




I have to say, this really is a good show. It has a lot of the same elements that "MLP" has.


Season 1 is available on Netflix in case anyone is interested.

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Honestly, this new Pound Puppies show has many of the same qualities that make MLP good. Good humor, and sweet, touching plot lines. Everyone who likes MLP should REALLY give the show a chance.


Just keep in mind that the first 7 episodes of season 1 have pretty bad looking animation, but after that (and a long hiatus), the animation studio changed, and from episode 8 onward, the animation is excellent and looks great. Some of the characters on Pound Puppies can be just as funny as Pinkie Pie.


I'm looking forward to season 2, and I REALLY hope that it will have a third season. However, it worries me that the show doesn't seem to have as much fan support as MLP. I want to see Pound Puppies continue. Its a good show guys. In fact, the season finale was very sweet.


So if you get a chance, be sure to catch it on Netflix! :) And hey, if you want to support it, buy the "Homeward Pound" DVD! ;):)


...For example, this clip has some funny dialogue, and the rest of this episode is good too!

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