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Hi there! I am glad to see a place to share my pony love ^_^


I grew up with re-runs of the first my little pony and while I enjoyed it (as most girls my age at the time did) I didn't love it.


I was sick a three weeks ago and everyone has been telling me how good MLP: Friendship is Magic was. I wanted to see it but didn't have a way to access it, seeing as I don't partake in the cable or satellite.


Lo and behold to my sniffing sneezing self browsing through netflix on the computer, there appeared the ENTIRE first season of MLP.


I fell in love with all the characters, the animation, the story as well. I watched the entire first season in two days while getting over my sinus infection.


Right now is a really difficult time for me loosing a very close family member the other night, I didn't want to get up or do anything today, my boyfriend went and turned on MLP hoping to cheer me up. It did, it gave me a reason to laugh, to smile, to remember that even though I am hurting and things aren't looking up that life goes on and it's okay to smile and laugh and that the sun will shine again.


So live on MLP and a big hoove five to all the fellow pega-sisters and bronies out there!


I look foreword to getting to know everyone and making some awesome friends!



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