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I enjoyed Friendship Games quite a bit.

Sci-Twi is a fairly interesting character and I was quite intrigued by her, as I actually watched Legend of Everfree (The film after this) before I watched this one. Because of this, I was curious on her origins. I liked how it all played out, although I'm surprised that it took so long for anyone to notice Twilight's amulet thingy causing trouble in CHS. Principal Cinch wasn't the best 'antagonist' per se, but I'll admit that I'm quite curious about her past and how she ended up the way she did. The Shadowbolts were alright as well, but I did like some more than others. 

The humour was good as per usual, albiet absolutely absurd sometimes - Motocross as an event, with kids in control. You couldn't possibly tell me that's a good idea with a straight face. Music was top notch as tradition would have it and I'm happy that Sunset Shimmer got a lot of screen time here. I've made it no secret that Sunset's my favourite character, so it was quite nice to see her gain further development.

I didn't enjoy Friendship Games as much as Rainbow Rocks, but it was still a fantastic film.

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This film was quite fun, and had a better story overall compared to the previous ones. I can't say I liked this one more, though. Music and other excitement factors were a bit lacking, and for the most of the film, I couldn't really get myself to want the CHS to win. They didn't really have any reason to win, unlike in Rainbow Rocks.

I liked seeing the new Twilight a lot, though. Great film!:-P

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Oh yeah let's touch the first movie I've just seen today.. So no nostalgia here from me

So yeah we manage to get to know Sci-Twi! She's interesting ngl.. Basically Twilight but still not understanding of friendship.. Nice parallel with Princess Twi-

Ultimately felt incredibly bad for her.. The Shadow Bolts characters didn't get much lines or action but they were okay to be honest, President Cinch was.. Infuriating for me? Like why blackmailing Sci-Twi for the sake of getting in the games if she doesn't want? 

Also yey human Candace and Shining Armor (didn't get any hints if they are in a relationship too like their counterparts) 

Also yeaH more annoying Pinkie breaks the fourth wall to solve a major plot conflict (lIke oKay i get that's Pinkie's essence but, the whole Twilight being recognized by everyone in Cantelot High would have been sooo interesting if developed but.. NoPe it stopped being relevant soon-) 

Also love Midnight Sparkle and DayDream Sunset transformation, to be honest their transformations were the only things I've seen as little and really fascinated me ever since 

So yeAh.. Guess Princess Twilight won't visit EG universe anymore? Kinda sad but i guess that's a way to deal with the spin-off 

Liked it but it was honestly painful to see Sci-Twi being so mistreated (she even cried if i recall) :(

(No Snips and Snails note this time they didn't do anything at all this time u_u-) 

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