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Lemon Slices

Open The Walls

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Did you mean Pink Floyd's The Wall?

Google's suggestion.


Darkness. Something was covering his eyes. Trying to say something, his voice was muffled by a gag. However, they forgot Lemon had strong, herbivorous teeth.


The thing was gone. He knew somepony kidnapped him and tied him, and chose the right words.

"Where did you take me?"

"He managed to remove it!"

Lemon heard some steps, which made his ears twitch, his mouth contracted itself for a couple of millimeters, his eyes widened, although he couldn't see nothing, but his fear could be read easily. Then a voice said to him.

"You, green stallion…" The voice was feminine, soft as silk, melodic as a poem, although he never heard it from anywhere.

"Lemon Slices," Interrupted.

"Not that I need your opinions about how I must call you" The voice sounded more serious and sarcastic at the same time. "Guards…" She said, waiting a time to see his reaction.

"Ahn…" He thought quick. "My sincere apologies, lady."

He wouldn't see her grin. "Hmm…. Looks like somepony knows when to be submissive," He wouldn't see her devilish smile, and her hoof signal to untie his legs.

"Why did you do this?" He asked, still blindfolded.

"For you to stretch them a bit" She flatly answered. "Well, now you will do a favor."

"B-But…" It wasn't time to refuse himself. "I mean, what d-do you need?"

Another predatory grin, and more words were heard. "You are going to do something for me. Well, I thought you were the useless one, but you're still in."

Lemon felt a grain of hatred. "I'm… Sorry, sometimes I get a hoof out of the rails." He found out something while he was speaking, and put it after: "But what you said with 'The useless one'? Is there a group with me?"

"Oh, I'm starting to regret what I said. A percent, don't get too happy. You will meet them outside. Guards,"

Lemon felt like being carried by somepony.

After a minute, he went kicked out of somewhere, and un-tied his blindfold. There they was.

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"Adressing Salleriah. SI:7. You have been specially requested for this assignment. You have hired to assist a group of...misfits in their quest for some mysterious aritifact or some kind.. quite frankly i don't know. It's always some ancient power or bullshit. Nevertheless, they have deep pockets and we are currently strapped for cash: do not fail."


~End of flashback~


The hooded, black griffin descended upon the small group with 2, exposed, bat-like wings. Silently landing, she looked at her future comrades with piercing, purple eyes, a long, black umbrella strapped to her side.


"So these shall be the ponies that i will babysit."


Salleria threw open her hood, revealing a Purple feathered head. She raised a claw address the ponies around her, most of them already drawing their weapons in preparation for an attack.


"I, am Salleriah. I am the mercenary your Higher-up has hired. Trying to kill me will prove fatal to you. I wish not for any trouble"


She folded  her 2 revealed wings, hiding them under her multi-layered cloak, and settled down in place next to the other ponies who had arrived: They seemed to be waiting for somepony else, presumably their leader.


And probably her client.




After a minute, he went kicked out of somewhere, and un-tied his blindfold. There they was.


@@Lemon Slices


She raised an eyebrow as the green pony was unceremoniously kicked onto the floor before her. She looked up and around at the other ponies for an explanation. Shrugging, she held out a claw to help the green pony up.

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When he looked up... The room was a bit dark, there was some lines of light coming from a hole in the ceiling. Dust and mold could be smelt there."Aw man, that floor hurts"... But when he realized there was ponies around him, he tried to stand up, failing.


And the purple griffin raised her talons to help him, Lemon unconsciously held it for getting up.

"Oh, thanks. Wow.", Lemon got scared, and walked back. Then he shook his head and realized that it was the said group.

Everypony around him had powerful weapons, Salleriah had her sharp talons, and all of them had powerful stares. He was the only one unarmed. He could notice a disappointment coming from somewhere. "Yeah, I'm the useless one... But anypony got a clue of what are we doing here? And where do you guys come from?"


Maybe being friendly would save his skin. He would be probably the scapegoat at whatever mission they would be going to. It made him have a handful of sadness, but a question motivated him: "If they threw you there, fight against the odds". It probably would be good for a book of his, but not for a mission that was looking like life-risking.

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