Spoiler When people think Autism Speaks is good. (rant ahead, don't open)

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---WARNING: Rant ahead.---







Don't scroll down.


















Ok, don't say I didn't warn you.




Don't tell me I dont know what i'm talking about, i'm autistic.


When people think Autism Speaks (the group that has killed multiple autistic kids (acidentally, but still) with a freaking ELECTRIC CHAIR, and has NO autistic members, thinks we are "infected" or some crap, and is trying to cure autism) is good:


Uhh, you're a (profanities) idiot.

Just kidding. That's an insult to all idiots, calling someone who supports Autism speaks an idiot.


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Hi @tailsprower,


The subject of this topic has little potential to spark discussion between many members and, as such, would be better suited to a status update or a blog. When creating a thread, please remember that the goal is to start a conversation with room for many people to chime in and give their own viewpoints on, and that sharing events of an anecdotal nature would be better done elsewhere.

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