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A silly little filly has joined these forums!


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Hello everypony!

I just joined yesterday through BronyDanceParty (<3) and might be frequent in the roleplaying forums.

I am an artist currently, though I only have a few arts actually posted on the internet. I want to start getting into the musical part of the fandom at some point, but I'm not looking for popularity.

I really am a nice mare who enjoys making friends and trying to cheer other ponies up <3 so feel free to drop me a message at ANY time~

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Hello and welcome to the forums! We have a great community and I'm sure you'll fit right in :D


I've got an odd feeling that we're going to be seeing a lot of new faces around now that BDP has joined our humble forum :lol:

P.S You like welcome songs right?


Haha XD Thank you! And yes I do ouo

Well we are all basically apart of BDP's little group on Skype, I notified everyone of the events with the impostor and they thought this would be fun to join XD


Halloo! I bid thee welcome! I hope you'll enjoy your stay here! :D


I shall <3 Thank you very much!


Welcome to the forums and please take your time to look around and see all the ponyness and discussion we have to offer!


I shall do that :D Thank you for the welcome!

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I am still not familiar with who BronyDanceParty are and I hope I'm going to get to know him a bit now when he joined the forums today or.. was it yesterday? Haha anyways, welcome to the forums! I hope you will enjoy your stay :)

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Hey there!! Welcome to the herd. Glad to have you here. We're all a friendly bunch here. Looking forward to seeing some of those artworks. And if you start making music, I'll be glad to give a listen.

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