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Phil hit the gas. Hard.

In only 2 minutes, they reached the asylum.

It had started to rain, and there was a thunderstorm.

"Shit, good weather out here, eh?"

"ok everyone, get out. We better hurry and get in there"

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"Then we better get in befo-"

Suddenly, a gun was pressed against Phil's head.

"Give me the keys" the assailant said.

"We don't have the keys, we hot wired it. Now please, leave us alone. We're just survivors trying to get to the asylum, there's shelter there"


As soon as Max and Apex pointed their gun at the assailant, 4 other survivors came and pointed guns at them.

"Just give us the car, and no one gets hurt"

Phil sighed "Fine, take it. We don't need it now that we're here."


The survivors hesitated, then took off with the car.

"what the fuck was their problem"

Max said as he headed to the asylum with the others.

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"well I say we check it out"

Phil opened the door.

The lights were on. That's a good sign.

"I can't see any infected inside, but keep your eyes peeled"

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(hey, shhhhhh)


"shhhhh, you guys here that?" Max said.

"Yeah, it sounds like a woman crying" Phil replied. "its coming from this room, let's check it out"


The lights were out in the room.

"damn, the light switch won't work"

"h-hello, is someone in here?"


The crying grew louder.

"we're survivors, we can help you mam"

"I don't think she hears us"

"shhhh. Where are you?"

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(oh lawd. Only celestia can help us now)

"Everyone turn on your flashlights!" Phil said.

Everyone did as he said. What they saw wasn't human.

Posted Image

The infected stopped crying, got up, let out a ear splitting scream and charged at the group with it's arms flailing.

"SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!!!!!" Max yelled as he run and gunned out of the room.

"RUN LIKE HELL!" Phil screamed as he did the same as Max.

The infected pounced on Alex, and started ripping him to shreds.


Phil fired and fired at the infected, but it wouldn't stop it.

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Jun realized that an enemy that could take that much wouldn't go down easily. He knew that it would finish Alex soon, and he didn't want to stick around to find out what happened afterwards. He always hated leaving a man behind, but in situations like this, there was no alternative.


Jun's instincts kicking in, he grabbed Phil by the shoulder and pulled him out of the room.


He then Closed the door, took a nearby chair, and jammed it against the handle.


"WE ARE LEAVING!!" Jun shouted into Phil's face, and dragged him along as the group ran towards the stairs to the next level.

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(it was Alex that was attacked is dead)


"Damn... Alex" Max said.

Phil said nothing, he just wore an angry expression.


"come on, i think I hear people talking around this corner"


When they went around the corner, what they found wasn't survivors. There was a group of four commons... And this:

Posted Image


The new mutation charged directly at Jun.

"Shit, shoot them!"

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The group continued to run, but the Ram kept charging at Jun. It had chose it's target, and it wasn't going to let it go.

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Doing some quick calculations, Jun theorized that the legs on the zombie were well built, if it charged it's opponent. Since the arms were bound, if it were to fall over, it might not be able to get back up, unless it knew how to kip up.


Jun saw a long metal pipe on the side of the hall, and swooped down and picked it up. He then waited for the Zombie to get as close as possible, before coming to a standstill, crouching, and swinging the pipe at it's legs, hoping to catch it off guard.


Needless to say, it worked. The zombie was flat on its back, and was struggling to get back up. Jun turned around, and continued to run with the others.

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"That was awesome, Jun" Phil said as he shot the Ram in the face with his shotgun.

"I wonder if anyone is still alive in this building..."


Phil found a room with supplies, but there was no survivors inside.

"stock up"

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Phil grabbed a medkit, defribrilator, ammo, and some pipe bombs.


"Guys... Oh my god... Is that... Cheeseburgers?"

Phil said looking at a mcdonalds bag.

"Holy crap, it is!"

Phil quickly dug into the bag and handed them around.

"I'm so hungry" Max said as he devoured the burger in seconds.

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"NOBODY EAT ANYTHING ELSE!!!" MAX, I NEED YOU TO STAND ON THE FAR CORNER OF THE ROOM!" yelled Jun, pointing his gun barrel at Max.


"These burgers have been sitting around, with God knows what wandering around them. They could have trace amounts of the Virus on them, and you might have just ingested that Virus."

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Max's eyes grew wide.



Phil tilted his head down.

"Max... I'm sorry"


"guys... I'm going to leave. If I turn, I don't want you to be attacked by me. If I don't turn... Well, maybe I'll meet up with you again."

Max said, then ran down the hall, and left the building.

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((I have a saddening feeling, that even though i'm doing the best I possibly can to max out our survival rate, that i'm slowly whittling down our group :())


"Let's go." Jun said. "The quicker we reach the source of that signal, the better.

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"Okay, let's try the top floor" Phil said as he started running towards the stairs.

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Scar was Silent the entire time.He ran towards the stairs with phil.''What the heck was that mutation?!'' asked Scar.

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