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So, I wrote these three songs a long while back, and I still wasn't able to make them work out. I know how I want these songs to go, but I don't know how to play the instruments needed. Can anyone help me?


P.S. Instruments needed. Drums, 1 bass guitar, 1 1st guitar, 1 2nd guitar.


P.P.S. Links to the songs:

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If you know how to write music, then you can simply compose a mockup as a MIDI or Guitar Pro file, which might be like this (assuming you have not already done it):

* Drums - Standard Drumkit

* Bass - Fingered or Picked Bass

* Acoustic guitar(s) - Steel or Nylon

* Electric guitars(s) - Distorted for rhythm and Overdriven for lead

* Lyrics - probably a synth sound


Writing a MIDI preview is helpful for knowing how the full song will sound.  Then the music can be performed and/or programmed with real instruments.


You could have someone else perform/program it since you cannot play the instruments yourself.  But first, write the rest of the songs besides the lyrics.

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