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I am now awake! Let's continue! :3

1.When was the last time you were tucked in?
2.If you could be any animal for on day, what would you be?
3.Favourite cereal?

It's impossible to tickle yourself XD But if you tickle yourself, you might sometimes feel a light ticklish feeling, but it certainly isn't that ticklish.

1. Uhhhh......A looooooong time ago. In a galaxy far, far--no. :P I think when I was like....maybe 9 or 10 years old? Something like that.


2. A pug. :3 Pugs are adorable and so awesome. I would love to be adorable and awesome.


3. That would be Cinnamon Toast Crunch. :D Cinnamon cereals in general I am just in love with but that is the best of lot. Even the cereal bars are absolutely amazing. :3


Thank you for the questions. ^.^




Question combo 2: Let's do this!


  • What do you think of the 'Call of Duty' game series? (if you have played any)
  • Thoughts on EQG????
  • Have you played any 'Halo' games?
  • Since you mentioned "Attack on Titan" in one of your answers; do/have you watched any shows other than Attack on Titan?
  • What is your power level amongst the 'enemy' ? In other words; what is thy power level???
  • I say this question in most Q & A's so I will ask it to you, Kyoshi: What is the meaning of life, please enlighten me.


More combo! Would that be a double double combo? 


1. I have played quite a few of these. I have a very mixed opinion about them. See, I DO find them to be fun. They have a sense of run and gun gameplay that is nearly unmatched and leveling up in them is always addicting. Sadly, this series is home to Activision's greed as well. With worthless season passes, yearly releases, and lack of polish these games have been getting worse, Ghosts being a low point and Advanced Warfare only being slightly better. I played Black Ops 2 soooooooooooooooooo much and that is my favorite of the series, so I might get Black Ops 3 if reviews fare well. It is a series I still want to enjoy, despite the corporate problems.


2. Another interesting question. Simply put, I enjoy the movies. All 3 of them. Some have had questionable aspects but overall they are actually quite enjoyable with awesome music too, especially the later two. HOWEVER, despite my enjoyment for the films, I still hold the belief that these movies should NOT exist. the movies, while good, exist for one sole purpose: Toys. They were a key to get into the Monster High style of dolls and this to me is a huge bother. Just the title alone 'My Little PONY: Equestria Girls', that frustrates me. FiM, while it may have existed for the toys at the start, a strong point for the series is that it always felt like it was just a wonderful show, toys or not. With EQG, it is clear their existence is for the toys first. they are still good movies though.


3. Yup, I have played all of them to some extent. Halo 1 was my first Xbox game and it was awesome at the time, since then I have loved the series, though not as much as before. My favorite of the series is Halo Reach and I played the multiplayer on that one soooooooooooooooooo much. I also love the overall story in the Halo games. 


4. I have watched other shows, I assume you mean anime. A couple of other favorites that I have are Trigun and Noein. I have also Watched One Piece, Naruto (which is meh), Fullmetal Alchemist I recently started, Elfen Lied, and others. Death note is my absolute least favorite anime that I have seen. I absolutely despise that one. 


5. My power level? Puny. XD Like, a 2 maybe. I am not a strong pony for sure. :c


6. Pizza. Or love. Or possibly goats. (Tomodachi Life reference XD)


Thank you for the questions. :3



Do you usually scream in roller coasters? :P

I actually do not ride roller coasters. :P Oddly enough, I almost never ride ANY rides at all at any theme parks. Let's just say I am a scardy scared. :P


Thank you for the question buddy. ^__^

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Aaaaand I forgot to lock the thread <3  Thanks to Kyoshi for being a good sport and doing an extra few hours on the Q&A!


As always, be sure to check back every week for another Q&A!

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