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S02:E25+E26 - A Canterlot Wedding



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Oh Spike, y u no understand what a bachelor party is?


I guess the elements of harmony work best when you are naked. Trouble everypony? Rip all your clothes off! :P


Oh Rarity, you will find love someday - not Spike obviously, he likes Tori Spelling now!


I loved these two episodes. :wub:

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Why is something in my ear telling me that Queen of Changelings is best pony?

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Guys, did you see Vinyl's eyes when she popped up??? If I'm not mistaken, SHE DIDN'T WEAR ANY GLASSES AT FIRST!!! :o If that IS true, then... WHAT COLOR EYES DID SHE HAVE???!!

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Luna, Vinyl, Whooves, Mane 6, Celestia gets ass whooped, Twi's brother.

What a fantastic way to end, congratulations to the awesome animators, voice actors and developers. This is one of the few things that I can say lived up to the hype.

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Guess they don't need the Elements of Harmony for everything, because love can conquer all(changelings)!


Makes sense, since love is the ultimate expression of all 6 of the Elements of Harmony.
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