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I"ll think about joining this. If there's room that is.    But you know what would be fun? Having this RP start a School rivalry with the Canterlot High RP currently going on. It'll be like Friendsh

Clearly you and I went to different high schools...     Where is this school, exactly? Or for the sake of everyone being able to attend without hassle, is it in an undisclosed location? 

RP https://mlpforums.com/topic/140061-slice-of-life-highschool-rp/ Well once again term is beginning you pack your bags and head. off some new students are joining today so you best make a good impre

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I might need that OC list xD


Heh, I think you may have missed that my OC actually didn't yell "Tea. Now." But his expression did. :)

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Hello. Still room?https://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/swag-slash-r8939

Though...... I usually start her as homeless. ....I could say Celestia found her and took her to go to school, since she never went.

I need your year

If you wish for a role as a teacher fill this out:

Name: Cliff

Subject: Magic arts and defence

Age: 23

Birthday: December 9th

Race: unicorn

Gender: male

Other: https://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/cliff-r8934

id prefer it to be as if I was the friend of the superintendent, who hired me because I'm one of the rare few who actually study dark magic as well as regular magic


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Alright, back on topic, everyone. The OOC is for discussion of the roleplay, not a place to hold random chats.

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This thread is being locked for a bit of clean up, as a member remained off topic despite my earlier warning.

Alright, I've unlocked the OOC, but this is a reminder to stay on topic. You all want to keep this thread open, yes?

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Hello yes as tends to happen it seems my time zones are once again completely getting in the way of everything - I honestly just can't keep up, even with my attempts to post as much as I possibly can. I will be dropping out of this roleplay, you guys have fun.

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Hello yes as tends to happen it seems my time zones are once again completely getting in the way of everything - I honestly just can't keep up, even with my attempts to post as much as I possibly can. I will be dropping out of this roleplay, you guys have fun.

Okay I wish you the best with stuff

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Well, it seems like my attempt to keep the Canterlot High RP alive is dying on the vine. Looks like I'll have one new student transferring in and two new teachers looking for jobs. 



Name: Taivas

Subject: Military History

Age: 26

Birthday: December 4th

Race: Nocturne (Bat Pony)

Gender: Mare

Other: post-18785-0-40260900-1438055734_thumb.p 


Personality: Boisterous, dramatic, almost theatrical in the way she speaks. Some say she takes inspiration from Princess Luna. She finds it's a good way to keep attention. Enjoys conversation. Makes humorous jokes about herself, her race and her native region. Doesn't teach her lessons as much as act them out, as if her classroom were a stage. Tends to wear old style military uniforms. 


Background: Raised in Scandaneighvia, Nordic and Europony culture runs in her blood. She graduated the University of Gothenbuck, Sweeten with a Bachelor's degree in Military history. On the side, she works as a military reenactor, and plays in the same metal band as Miko. 


(I see that you already have a history teacher. Perhaps two can suffice, each tackling a different part of Equestria's vast lore?)





Name: Miko

Subject: Philosophy

Age: Unknown

Birthday: June 25th

Race: Kitsune

Gender: Vixen

Other: Appearance: cinnamon red coat.  White on chest, stomach, tail tip and muzzle. Red eyes. Reddish brown mane.  Black on forepaws. 


Personality: She tends to bump into ponies and things quite a bit.  If she's in a hurry, she tends to parkour or rollerblade her way through town or the hallways JSR style. When she's off the clock, you can find her talking to herself, singing & dancing to herself, or just making random noise as she walks. Sometimes she'll stop sit down in one place and just look out into the distance, or just fall asleep.  She uses the term "Bruh" a lot. She'll sometimes speak in haikus to confuse ponies on purpose. She'll speak in a high pitched neighponese accent in a mock parody of her own cultural stereotypes, but typical talks in some odd cross of Cajun & SoCal surfer lingo. She works to have a youthful rapport with her students, and her methods of teaching and relating to her students are, unorthodox, to say the least. Like the drunken martial arts master, she uses humor, awkwardness and surprise to keep her students invested, and make them feel like they have a say in this brief microcosm of the universe. 


Background: A graduate of the University of Neighpon Whinnyoto, with a doctorate in philosophy. Works at the local shrine of Shinto & Taoism. Has also written, drawn and published her own manga series and is even on the way to having it enchanted. On the side, she also fronts a heavy metal band, and partakes in cagefighting every other month. It helps her stay "the coolest sensei in school."


(Is it alright if this character were Anthro?)





Name: Silhouette Dusk

Year: 2nd


Birthday: February 14th

Race: Unicorn

Gender: Mare

Other: Stormcloud grey coat. Silvery Mane & tail w/ red highlights. Mane is shoulder length, with long bangs. Red eyes. Typically wears a school uniform w/ glasses, if not hoodies. Personality: Antisocial. Prefers her own company. Acts more mature than her age. Believes attending high school with those her age is a step down. Finds most social interaction to be "unsatisfactory" and "inadequate." Also describes other ponies as "distractions to her creativity" Prefers to solve puzzles and play strategy games, when she's not sculpting or crafting intricate art.


Background: A top honors student in elementary school. Graduated years ahead of her class. Smart enough to attend the famed Princesston university with full grown ponies, and graduate with a bachelor of arts degree in sculpture.  Unfortunately due to Equestrian law dictating that a pony is required to have a diploma before being considered for advanced employment, compounded with her parents believing that she needs "more socialization with kids her age" and the fact that she isn't old enough to drop out, has led her to being forced into High School. 



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