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Critique Wanted Dragon (mlp based) Tumblr feedback

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So I run a MLP based web comic listed below....




I am the MOD who writes the story/scripts and assigns it to artists that I commission.


BIO: War has torn the Dimar dragons a part and some have escaped into Equestria, seeking the magical ponies to aid them in the war to help them take back their homelands.  However, before the ponies will assist, the dragons first need to earn their, trust, respect and alliance.  They will not offer aid to some dragons that they just met, right away.  The comic focuses on a Dimar Dragon who is young and is a NEW ambassador. The job was FORCED on him as a last minute decision, due to the last one being killed off.  He is stressed out, because he has little experience in his field of work, but also has the pressure from his kind, to find a "fast" solution to their current conflict. Add to the fact that pony culture confuses the heck out of him and has a tendency to be a gullable fool, just adds to the problem.


What I am asking: I am looking for some feedback on the story so far and suggestions on how to improve the front page on tumblr.  I have custom background and buttons in the process of being made, however I am open to suggestions on a background and title to fit the theme of the comic.  Also looking for feedback on the humor and possibly questions that one should address story wise in this kind of comic.  Also suggestions on other tumblr ask comic blogs that would be good to colberate their charaters with to help move the story foward or  help create some more funny moments in the story.


How I operate: I write story/scripts out first in chapters long before I hand them to the artist, so I plan ahead before commisioning an artist to help tell my story.  Asks send it do infunence and "modify" my scripts as I see fit. So I keep my scripts open to adjustments based on what questions or charater RP messages get sent in.


below as an example of one update...


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