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I live in South West England - Cider Country, and work as either general manager/supervisor or van driver for a courier service (depending on whether or not I have enough drivers)  and have done so for over 15 years, due to my job and having ADHD as a kid (still do as an adult, but to a lesser degree) I identify with some portrayals of Derpy, and some aspects of Pinkie's character.


However I after 5 seasons, I'm totally unable to choose a favorite pony. I like all the main 6 for different reasons, and it's testament to the character development in the show that they've all grown and improved throughout the seasons. I'm also very fond of a number of non main 6 - Derpy as mentioned before, Vinyl because her job is the same as my casual hobby, Maud because... awesome, and Luna because my own past isn't exactly spotless, and I really want things to work out well for her, also Lullaby for a Princess has done a great job of getting people more invested in the Sunbutt/Moonbutt dynamic.


So yeah, we all like watching the ponies together, and an abundance of fan made content. Although I have to pre watch it all to make sure it's safe for them to see

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Hi, I'm Cleotari! Look at meeee!


Cleotari wishes you the bests of times here in MLPForums! Don't be afraid, don't be shy and don't be nervous! everypony here is loving and are well tolerant when it comes to new ponies. So please, enjoy the site and Cleotari will see you in the forums! :D


P.S If you need someone to talk to, I'm always available!

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Hi there BPCannon! ^.^ Happy to have you aboard!     :) 





I hope you have a wonderful time here! We are an amazing community and I think you will absolutely love it here!


Thank you so much for joining us! Hope to see you around more!      :lol: If you have any questions, feel free to ask.      ;)

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Hello there and welcome to the forums. It is great to have you here  :). Don't be afraid of jumping in  :D. I hope you have a wonderful time here and make a lot of friends  :squee:.



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Hello, and welcome to the wonderful MLP Forums! Thank you for joining this amazing community, it's awesome to have you here! :) I'm certain you'll love it here and meet plenty of awesome friends! By the way, I completely agree with your reasoning for not choosing a favourite Mane 6 pony. I can't decide my favourite for pretty much the exact same reasons. :squee:

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