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Artists Needed for Sidescrolling/Action Platformer Game

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Hey everyone! I've been hard at work on my game on and off for the past couple of months. Currently, I'm still working on the core of the game. The thing is, I'm in desperate need of an artist.

If you care about the story or mechanics of the game, here's the lowdown:

The player is a magical amulet. When somebody puts on the amulet, the player gains control of that body. When the host dies, the amulet drops on the ground until a new person sees it and puts it on. The cycle continues, with the player working toward the ultimate goal of defeating a furious goddess...


I have made a bit of progress, as you can see from these gifs: (just... just click the button thingy)






If you're still REALLY curious and want to see more, you can check out my Twitter.



HOWEVER, as you could probably tell, the art is ugly. And bad. (and most of the animations are bad as well until I get around to fixing them. Same for the AI, among other things.) I may be good at programming, and arguably designing games, but art is not my forte, nor is it particularly fun for me.

That's why I'm asking you guys, the artists, for help! I know there's at least one good artist reading this.


These are the types of artists I'm looking for:

  • Character artists (Pixel art only)

    Character artists will handle the creation of the players, NPCs, enemies, etc.
    NOTE: You will not be creating the characters as a whole or animating them. Instead, you will create each body part individually (head, thigh, forearm, etc), making sure they fit together nicely, and then send them to me for animation. (Trust me, this is necessary for things like equipping armor.)
    The style I'm looking for here is something like this:

  • Prop/Item/Tile artists (Pixel art only)

    These artists will be working to create props (tables, vases,etc), items to be displayed in the inventory, and the tile art.
    The style I'm looking for here is something like this:





  • Background artists (Any form of digital art)

    Background artists will be creating the background scenery in the game. (Forests, dungeons, and the like) This can be any form of digital art, pixel art or otherwise.

    The style I'm looking for here is something like this:


If you are interested in helping me create this game, that's great! :D I'll still do art, of course, but there's a lot of things I am not the best at making.

Unfortunately, there will be no pay, because no money will be made from this game. This project is completely passion-driven.

Skype (text chat, no voice or video) is my preferred method of communication, but if you don't have one, that's fine too.
So now that I'm done talking, would any artists be interested in joining me in the creation of this game?

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