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It has been on my mind for some time. :love: 


Everytime i watch MLP:Fim i remember of a book, it was a gift to me from a loved one.  :) 


The book is mainly about social actions and the after effects. :dash: 

The idea was simple yet somehow complex and lovely  :wub: 

Every person on this world has a bucket, and every person has a water level in that bucket, the water level represents how happy the person is, a high water level is a very happy person, a low water level is a sad person  :o .


And now the things get interesting we also have a cup that we use it when we talk with each other,  when we communicate,  you can either decide to take water from the other persons bucket and make it sad, but we diminish ourselves at the same time, or put water in that persons bucket and make it happy, and we also fill ours at the same time.  :pinkie: 

I sincerly live by this principle and i adore it  :wub: 

When we talk every second is important, every though and feeling.

Ohh and if the bucket is overflowing, it`s also bad, too much excesive happiness isn`t always good, but that`s for another topic  :P 






What is your opinion on this topic ?, how do you feel about it ? :3

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The more shared, the less pain and sadness are felt. The more shared, the more joy is felt =)

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I subscribe to a simliar way of thinking but instead of cups of water we pass around cups of alcohol and fill our buckets till they burst.

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