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Agreed that Marble is cuteness in grey

Also, she rocks! (you know because rock farm... Yeah I'm still not funny)


Not agreed to anything that involves kicking Fluttershy anywhere. I'm sure a new set of fans can make their own podium for their number 1

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Marblestone "Inkie" Pie VS Fluttershy


who would win


my votes on Marbs

well, I've seen Flutters' angry form, so I know what she can do, haven't seen Marbs' yet


however, what would the competition be? or is it a "who's the cutest" question?

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by the way, did you notice her last MHM of the episode?



it was much more lively than before, meaning she's quite fond of Big Mac and not that shy around him, at least not anymore

For some reason, to me it sounded like Pinkie said "mhm" instead of Marble in that scene.



Marble Pie's cutiemark actually looks like Marbles in this picture, instead of looking like easter eggs xD

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*Squee* is a noise produced by a soundboard




MHM is a noise produced by the one and only Marble Pie :D



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That would probably fit pretty well with this



But enough about hard rock, let's talk about Marble

Check out all these epics of her from before Hearthsbreakers aired.










Turns out we were all in love with marble even before Hearthsbreakers


The signs were there the entire time. 



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I want a marble pie of my own


New mlp story


My little marble

My Little Marble

I used to wonder what Marble could be

My Little Marble

Until you all shared your Marble with me

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I wasn't going to say anything but yes, Marble melted my heart too.  :love:   Not sure if she and Big Mac are supposed to "like" each other or if they both just have an awkward shyness around strangers they're meeting for the first time.  Still it's super cute watching their interactions and fun to speculate. 


We're finally getting to know Pinkie's sisters in a personal kind of way.  I'm also wondering if Pinkie and her sisters represent the emotional spectrum or something.  It's reminiscent of Inside Out but not exactly the same.  :huh: 

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