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Another silent cry


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Once again I scream out my soul to you, my dear reader. Please have mercy upon this broken heart and mind of mine. I wrote to share, to show how my world is, understand how I feel and weep as I.


Another silent cry by *Mini0909 on deviantART




Joy never felt, forgotten forever.

A ruler of hatred awoken once more.

This grim shadow of bleak existence.

Thus he roams to tear us apart again.


Eternal presence, neverending sorrow.

A grey cloud hovering above my head.

Lightning strike of cruelty and pain.

Reminding, how meaningless I really am.


Not loved, cared for or thought about.

Just a passing shade in daylight time.

With silence as my witness I roam free.

Through empty void of hatred and spite.


Supress my every need, my every wish.

Laugh and grin at my personal despair.

Let way for the others and their will.

Shrink in and succumb to the torment.


Torturing ideas, malice and cruelty.

The victim in sight and pushed down.

Every burning gaze on my back I feel.

Waiting for the moment to cry in pain.


Just cry away, always and forever.

Sulk through myself through sadness.

Stifle the moan of endless agony.

Forever awaiting the solution to all.

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