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 Tch. Took y'all another episode with her to notice she was a deeply troubled, emotional mare that only needed somepony to deeply understand her and get past that rocky exterior! That's what I've been saying for years! Don't mean to brag, but need I repost the nearly page-long essay I made in this thread some ages ago?

 Haven't caught up yet to this supposed episode. (Augh! Nooo! Maud can't be taken yet! That's like finding out Jon BonJovi or Sting has a loving, faithful marriage!!) But I do, very sincerely wish for more to know how deep & important a character my waifu-*cough* Limestone Pie is!

 Alas, for I have not access to any Limestone pictures. But what I can ask for... is for you to join...!

 Team Somnabula!

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I love Limestone Pie she's my favorite!!                        

Beware of tsunedere poneh

Limestone is one of those characters I grew to really love overtime. She may not be the most popular character, but who cares? I for one love her personality. I can actually relate to her demeanour an

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I do forget which one's i've shared, but hey, more of a good thing, yes? That gray mare color scheme goes so well on most any interpretations!


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