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So where to watch?

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Gather Around my ponies

And listen to my Request

For Youtube viewing has become

Quite a Mess


Commentaries, Blind Reviews, Audio at higher Speeds

Bring me no pleasure, no solace, no thrills

As the episodes alone I seek

Not opinions or voices that are Shrill


So he comes forth

to the forums once again

To seek the advice

From those pony friends


Where can one watch

Without commentary or reviews

Where can He see?

The ponies he wishes to View?

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1. Netflix

2. Purchase from Play, Amazon, or iTunes

3. Read the episode stream article on EqD and try and catch the episode on YT or DM before ContentID hits and it is removed

4. Watch it live on

5. Buy the DVD's


Any other suggestion would be a violation of our piracy rule. Locking

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