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So I've recently done a few pixel art requests for friends, and I've found that I rather enjoy both making them and seeing the reactions of the people I make them for, so I've decided to start up an entire forum regarding requests.


Before we get started, though, I'd like to lay down a few rules:


1) Please give a picture, or describe in large amounts of detail, what you are requesting.


2) If you have multiple requests, please put no more than three per post. (I'm only human, after all)


3) I will make the requests in order as I get them, so if you are, say, 50th reply, please be patient!!!


4) When done, I will simply post the picture here on the forum, unless you specify otherwise.


5) If you have more than three requests, please wait until somepony else posts a request, before continuing yours! (Don't be a request hog!)


6) If you want two or more ponies together, I will count it as one request, so long as your picture or description says so.


7) Please do not request illicit content, as I will not make it, and will report your post


8) If your request has words in it, I will not make them, unless you state otherwise.


Please follow these rules, so that in the end we can both be happy!!


I await your requests!! :D

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