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S05:E21 - Scaremaster


S05:21 - Scaremaster  

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what is with @Monotonality rewatching eps when I watch them D: seriously, I also saw this yesterday, around that time! 

I agree with your take on its message too :P in fact was thinking about it again today. Flutters confronting her fears and being assertively herself was great. 

The humour was greatness too :D I friggin love that tea-party. Background Pinks was good in this ep also and despite being a general Pinkie fan (as a main or side character in the ep) I often struggle with background Pinkie. 

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I loved this episode. It starts with the title and end with the credits, but I'm Fluttershy biased :fluttershy:

I also agree with @Monotonalitytake on this message. This episode shows once again that : Fluttershy is  as strong as she needs to be.  In any case else she's just this lovely character who would never scare people and this is completely fine. Be who you are.

I also loved the easter egg with these anime characters :)




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Cute Fluttershy episode with a relatable message. Also gave us Rei pony.


However the fact that this comes after the winter/Christmas episode and not before will always bug me :angry:

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