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Twilight Sparkle ✨ is now open-source!

Recommended Posts is now open-source! Here's a link to it on GitHub.


You can file feature requests, bug reports, and be part of the project in a whole new way! What exactly does this mean for you?


For everyone:'s development now happening in the open means you can see what's being worked on with the site right now, whether the result is a shiny new feature or a behind-the-scenes enhancement.


You can also see which bugs I and the other developers are aware of, and join the discussion for new features as they're planned out.



For developers:


A great way to get involved is to tackle one of the open issues. There are a number of unclaimed ones and some of them are "quickwins" that should be relatively easy for a newcomer to the codebase to take a crack at. If you'd like to work on an issue or learn more about it, leave a comment on it!


If you come across a bug or have a feature request, please take the time to report it as well even if you don't intend to fix/build it (though pull requests are certainly welcome, too :)).

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I'm glad that the devs decided to open source It has such a nice, modern interface, and I think it could be useful for other communities.

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