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Countess Coloratura

Help on learning melodies and such and samples of my tracks!

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Not sure where to put this but if it gets moved, that is perfectly fine. :) 

Here is samples of my work;

I'm pretty new to production and trying to learn more on different genre on producing.
Such as Dubstep, Deep House and Hardstyle. 

I use Ableton Live Standard at the moment as my DAW. 
And for DJ'ing I use Serato. 

I'm looking for help on producing some music and stuff to better myself in my productions. 
If anypony has any advice or any type of help or willing to teach a little, that be awesome!!

Right now I am still trying to find the style I work with best. So feel free to let me know how my music is right now and what I can improve on. 
I know a few right now I am working on is the mixing/mastering skills. And Melodies and such. xD 

So yeah. :3 

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Hello ,


Since you're seeking advice on how to improve with music, I have moved it to a section meant for that sort of stuff -- Music Help.

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Alright, so, the biggest thing that I'm noticing on all your tracks is that you lack a chord structure. This is why most people who enter the electronic music production scene with a little or no music background don't know where to go. They make a few bars that are good-sounding, but then just continue to repeat it. 


Specifically, the song "Bad Monday". On that song, you limited yourself to the I and the V, according to the C major scale. In simpler terms, you limited yourself to the C major and G major chords, which really doesn't add anything more to the music. 


If you want to learn on how to create solid chord progressions, take a look at this thread here:

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