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S05:E22 - What About Discord


S05:E22 - What About Discord?  

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This is a bad episode and many other people have explained why better than I could. The only thing I could add is that similar to "MMMMystery", the entire second act feels like filler. Though unlike "MMMMystery", the second act isn't entertaining here.

Score: 3/10

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Why did Spike join Twilight on the booksortcation, again? 

"I'm the Princess of Friendship. I don't get jealous." - First time the show suggested the whole princess thing might be going to Twilight's head. 

I dunno, this is just really boring. What made the entire crew decide that a whole episode where all of the jokes are incomplete would be watchable? And then Twilight starts acting nonsensically. They take the genuinely interesting idea of Twilight expecting too much of herself as a princess, and then turn it into something stupid and annoying. And what is this episode even about? If it's about how jealousy is bad, well, that doesn't track, because Discord's clearly intentionally trying to make Twilight unhappy the entire time. He's not teaching her a lesson, he's just a jerk. And if he's still this much of a selfish bully, then why should Twilight expect that he's changed at all? The moral is just diluted so much by Discord's part in it, and this whole premise was wrongheaded to begin with. Possibly my least favourite episode of the show. 

Is it even part of the continuity anymore? Rainbow Dash doesn't seem so chummy with him in "Best Gift Ever," for example, so I guess this bonding stuff just didn't happen? Or maybe it's just that all of his misdeeds since have weakened that friendship. I mean, he hasn't interacted very much with the rest of the six since... which is kind of a bummer, admittedly. I wish this show would use unusual character groupings more often. The over-reliance on Discord+Fluttershy, Spike+Twilight, Applejack+Rarity, etc. just seems like some kind of laziness to me. 

Entertainment: 2/10
Characters: 1/10
Themes: 3/10
Story: 1/10
Overall: 18/100

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I can’t even be annoyed with Discord at this point because he acts like a horrible friend (at best), and they keep forgiving him. Maybe Twilight needs to learn that some people just can’t be friends. I realize that isn’t the point of the show, but if we are to be getting lessons from this...should we really be teaching kids to stay friends with someone who bullies them?

As for the episode itself, this had great potential, but it was crushed under running jokes that quickly got old, and Discord being misused.

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This has a lot of problems. First of all, it's boring. The entire thing is based on jokes that we don't see. Inside jokes are only funny to people who were to there for them. I know we're supposed to sympathize with Twilight, but it doesn't make for entertaining television. 

And the moral is a mess. The moral is supposed to be that Twilight learns she can be jealous despite being a princess. This is brought down by the fact that Twilight is proven right in her delusions of Discord manipulating the others. This puts Discord in the wrong by the end of the episode instead of Twilight and makes the lesson weaker. If Twilight was wrong the entire time and the others just had a good time together, she would be able to learn a lesson, but having Twilight be proven right overshadows her jealousy. It doesn't matter that she's jealous, Discord is the one who manipulated the others to not tell Twilight to join them. Why is it that Twilight keeps being proven right in situations where she should be learning a lesson? And why is Discord still tolerated? Make New Friend But Keep Discord did a good job at making him more enjoyable, but then this episode happens and we're back to square one. 

Also the second act is complete filler and it drags on and on. This sucks.

Score: 1/10

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