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Hello to all bronies and pegasisters

Twilight Yagami

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my name is Twilight Yagami, it is sort of a play on words-a mix between Death Note character Light Yagami and MLP character Twilight Sparkle. The name is based off of the pic I have chosen for my avatar.


Anyways, I have been a brony for a few months now, I fell in love with the show after watching the first few episodes; now I'm hooked ^_^. I came across this site completely by accident in a google search and decided to go ahead and join.

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Hello, I bid thee welcome! I'm sure you'll come to enjoy the fruits of your accidental finding of us! ;)

I was very much the same way and stumbled in here by accident, and I don't regret it. This is very much a forum of close knit MLP enthusiasts, whom I've come to consider a family! I hope you'll come to value us all the same!


~Your Pegasister


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Welcome! Oh..one second Shining-armor needs me..


Oh, and before I forget, have a wonderful honeymoon Princess Cadence!!! :lol:


Edit: OH SNAP, I'm a Cupcake now!!! Wait, Derpy, where are you going, don't leave, we can still be friends even if I'm not a Muffin, no, don't, no no NOOOO!!!! She's GONNNNEEEE!!!! :blush:

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