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Humor PONY PARODY SONG I: Igneous Paradise

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I've always enjoyed the notion and the idea of the songs we know and love to sing have a pony twist to it. A Pony Parody if you will. I got this idea from watching "Heartbreakers". And the idea of Maud rapping about her love for rocks in her deadpan state  was hilarious to me. I thought the name Igneous Paradise would a perfect fit for the work. Feel free to give me any feed back. Hope you like







Igneous Paradise by Maud Pie featuring Limestone Pie


(In the style of Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise, and Weird Al Yankovic’s Amish Paradise)





As I walk through the farm in which where I was raised

I take a look at my rocks, and I truly am amazed

Coz life’s just perfect for a pony like me

Where the rock farm’s the pride of my family.

We got Marble hitchin’ a wagon of slate

And Limestone’s chippin’ fragments of conglomerate

But I can only contain my excitement for so long, that

Even Pinkamena thinks my mind is gone

I’m a mare of sediment, it’s my discipline

We got flint, marl, and even travertine… fool

I’m the Pie-ist Pie the little fillies want to be like

Rock farming day and night, scoring’ points in rocktorate





Been spending most our lives

Livin’ in Igneous Paradise

We make quartzite walls and tiles

Livin’ in Ingneous Paradise

Its hard work and sacrifice

Livin in Igneous Paradise

We sell shale at discount price

Livin’ In Igneous Paradise




They got the situation, the got me facin’

Can’t live a normal life, because rocks are my passion

But I wouldn’t change a thing, because rocks are my love

For me to turn my back, you know that’s unheard of

Boulder is my homie, my sisters are my crew

And my parents would agree that rocks are totally dope… fool

If you come to our farm, you’ll be spoilt for choice

We have rocks of all kinds to add to your invoice

Would I choose chalk or chert, or even breccia too?

With all the options here I don’t know?



Tell me why are we, so blind to see?

That the pony in charge, is the one you see.


Been spending most our lives

Livin’ in Igneous Paradise

We’re just plain and simple Pies

Livin’ in Igneous Paradise

Holder’s Boulder’s the gleam in my eye

Livin’ In Igneous Paradise

But stay away unless you wanna fight

Livin’ in Igneous Paradise



Diggin’ up the quarry, wagon on my shoulder

Cuttin’ slabs of sandstone, getting’ food for Boulder

You say that rocks are all the same, but I’ll be here to teach you

That rocks are much more than what lies beneath you

They so grey, they’re so round

And your new pet rock will certainly astound… fool



Been spending most our lives

Livin In Igneous Paradise

We’re all crazy geo-ites

Livin In Igneous Pardise

Our mine’s full of stalactites

Livin In Igneous Paradise

But don’t you ever think it bites

Livin In Igneous Paradise

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