Everfree Forest Theme - My Little Pony: Roar of Thunderdoom (Fictional VG)

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This is the theme that would play while in the Everfree Forest. This is a C minor version of Version 1 of the Ponyville Theme. Personally, I find this immensely more enjoyable than the Ponyville Theme as it is right now. 
With any critiques you may have, I would appreciate 1 to 10 ratings on Overall, Chord Progressions, Feel, Use of Strings, Use of Bass, Use of Percussion, Use of Flute and Bell Synth, and anything else you wish to point out.
(BTW, C. Thunder Dash, I'm still working on another version of Ponyville Theme. I'm working on the chord progressions, and also thinking about changing the key from C to something else, that way it doesn't sound too much like Everfree Forest Theme.)
This is part of a video game music project I've thought about doing for a while. It's part of an idea for a "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" fan-made rpg video game called My Little Pony: Roar of Thunderdoom, in which a villain named Thunderdoom with incredible magic powers attempts to take over Equestria a second time (the first time was eons ago when Equestria was new). It's undoubtedly the Mane 6's greatest challenge yet, and will take all the strength and power of friendship they need.
I am by no means a professional musician. In fact, this project is just a way for me to work on writing video game music. Any help, advice, and critiques are greatly appreciated.

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Well...I see you used another common progression with c minor




I'd suggest using something that is related to Beethoven's Symphony #1 in C major. Here are the intro chords for that:


I7-IV V-vi V of V V of V-V


Here's what I suggest




Also, I would not really use a rhythmic feel to the Everfree. The everfree is spontaneous. You don't know what will happen when you go in there. The rhythm really makes it like a night theme, rather than a sinister theme. I would suggest using crescendoing tremolo strings, that immediately cut and fade around the mezzo-forte dynamic mark. In some parts, you can even use pizzacato strings, to give it a sort of "playful creepy" feel.


I would also add a harp to the song as well, and make that your lead, instead of that bell synth. That lead you had running the melody seemed a little too loud. I wouldn't use a lead like that. A vibraphone would also work, preferably a tremolo one.


The Everfree Forest theme is a perfect theme for you to work around the V chord, especially if you're working around c harmonic minor. With the V, you can build tension and perform some runs around the Phrygian harmonic dominant scale, which is a special type of minor mode. A mode is an altered version of a scale. So, take the c harmonic minor scale




Start on G




The notes that are in bold are the notes that are best to use in this scale, when you're playing around the V chord.


In terms of chord resolution, you should really be using deceptive cadences in this piece. A deceptive cadence is when you do not resolve to the i chord. Instead, you resolve to the VI (the 6th). In the case of c minor, you'd resolve to Ab, instead of c minor.


Overall, this piece could use a ton of work...as it reflects a more "lighter" forest than the Everfree.


Strings: 2/10 - You need to work on how you voice your strings according to the piece's character and setting

Lead instrument: 2/10 - Your lead choice wasn't good in this piece. The bell synth was too bright and not sinister enough.

Percussion - 1/10 - I would suggest using no percussion at all in this piece, as percussion doesn't really go with the Everfree forest.

Chord use and progression - 3/10 - Again, to common of a progression.

Edited by C. Thunder Dash

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