S05:E25+26 - The Cutie Re-Mark

S05:E25+26 - The Cutie Re-Mark  

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This was one of the most disappointing episodes ever. I was so hyped to see Starlight Glimmer with her revenge, in the coolest way possible: a time spell. The first few dystopias were interesting to see, especially the first one. A grand war with King Sombra, where Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie are epic soldiers! However, the whole episode just repeated the same pattern of 'going to the past and just coming back without doing anything' so much that it eventually became boring. Also, the reason Starlight Glimmer became a villain was quite lame, and the ending was so anticlimactic. Everything just felt weird and nonsensical - how Starlight suddenly trusts Twilight, how the mane 6 becomes 'friends' with Starlight so easily...

A terrible episode overall. Didn't deserve to be a finale.

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On 10/30/2018 at 2:20 AM, qwerE said:

Everything just felt weird and nonsensical - how Starlight suddenly trusts Twilight, how the mane 6 becomes 'friends' with Starlight so easily...

I wonder if that all happened in a day... :-D

I understand how Starlight finally trusted Twilight though, because she gave Starlight an option to show her the right way. And she said a pretty good speech. But I have no idea how the rest of the Mane 6 became friends with her so quickly.

I've been wondering, what if it's all Starlight's plan to give it up for Twilight? Starlight is a very manipulating and clever pony, so she can easily backstab Twi.

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I enjoyed most of this episode, but it had a weak ending. The different universes were great and interesting to see, but I wish we got to see more of each. 

I enjoy the bit about Twilight getting frustrated about the “don’t bully” lesson, and boy did she act creepy with young Rainbow Dash.

Starlight’s reason for acting the way she did was very weak. Childhood friends move away all the time. She’s focused on the cutie mark being the reason, but the whole thing is strange. Unless he moved away the next day or something, how did they stop talking? It felt very contrived.

I understand her being talked out of her plan. Starlight didn’t seem to want to cause the harm she did, though how come she didn’t see those other realities? Suddenly being Twilight’s student was too much. 

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I actually really like this episode. I thought it would go the melodramatic and boring approach of taking everything super seriously, but a majority of the episode is much more focused on fun. And it is fun. Every villain that appears hams it up and the alternate realities we see are interesting to watch. It doesn't get repetitive because all three alternate realities we see for a while are different and the others go by in quick succession so they don't get boring. And the parts with Starlight don't get boring because they're filled with Starlight hamming it up, funny jokes, fun action and creative ways of stopping the Sonic Rainboom.

As for the ending, it's not that bad. Yeah, the song sucks and Starlight getting forgiven by her village ruins a story opportunity, but I don't have a problem with everything else. Starlight's motivations make sense when you remember that she was a child when that happened and the episode isn't exactly portraying her as mentally stable. And Twilight taking Starlight under her wing is pretty clever. It allows Twilight to keep a close eye on her in case she relapses and it makes sense to want to control someone as powerful as Starlight. I would have a problem with all of Ponyville forgiving Starlight if they knew who she was before this. All they know is that Twilight and friends approve of her.

Even still, I have a couple issues. The map and Starlight's spell aren't explained. This isn't as much of problem as it could've been since the episode is more focused on having fun, but it's still worth mentioning. Also it doesn't make sense that any alternate reality other than Nightmare Moon's reign could happen. Again, not a big problem, but still. A slightly bigger problem is how Starlight apparently knows nothing about Twilight and her friends. She's presumably been setting up her revenge for a while, so it's kinda hard to believe that she never found out how important Twilight and her friends are. 

 But in the end, my complaints aren't as big a deal as they could've been. A silly and entertaining episode can get away with a weaker plot more than a serious episode. If I'm having fun, I'm happy.

Score: 9/10

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The episode was very ambitious and had a lot of great moments, however some parts of it felt rushed and off...

Twilight was to oblivious to what was happening for my liking... I mean she is usually smarter then that, this aspect really irritated me.:unamused:

Starlights back story was kind of lame and cringeworthy, yet it makes sense at the same time. Think about it, this happened to her when she was a kid, and you looked at thing differently at that age. Nobody really helped her to coup with it(later we see her dad, he probably unintentionally made things worse) and eventually she grew up hating cutie marks. The fact that twilight couldn't beat her and her only way out was talking starlight down, making her realise what she may cause. It shows just how intelagent and powerful starlight is. I wasn't a fun of the song/montage at the end, just made it feel rushed, should have saved it for season 6.

The alternative universes starlight created were the best part, it showed us what were sombras intentions and what he could do, it showed what a dreadful world chrysalis domination causes, and has the best moments of nightmare moon in the series. All those futures were dark, especially sombras cause it actually showed what war looks like(not quit as real and serious but close enough) probably one of the darkest moments in the show yet. 8/10

 Although, how flim and flams future was the worst:confused:, maybe they didn't caused it but only took advantage out of the situation? 

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