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OOC Thread

This roleplay is closed. Sorry everypony.

Try again next time.

Hello dear Pony. You have been accepted to the Luna's Academy of Talented Ponies.

You are expected at orientation on September 1st, at 9:00am.

Directions have been included in your letter.

The school year starts on September 3rd, so please pack your bags and bring them along when you come for orientation.

We've included a list of books and personal items you will need and will be required to bring, along with a list of items that are not accepted at the school.

You will get your class schedule on Orientation day.

All fresh-ponies are to meet in the gym.

Thank you, and have a wonderful day.

-Luna Star, headmaster.-

Books all fresh-ponies will need:

The Inner Eye by Luna Star.

History of The Stars by Luna Star.

Science of the Galaxy by Sweene Mcpony.

Mathematics for Stars by Ky Mann.

So, what's your talent? by Luna Star.

Along with these books, students are required to have:

Six 100 page notebooks.

Six solid black binders.

Six packs of #2 pencils.

Six packs of blue and black pens each.

Six pages of removable label post its.

One calculator.

One telescope.

One crystal ball.

For clothing, please go to "Magica's Clothes Shoppe!" In LonelyVille.

Ponies are required to buy:

Six plain black pleated skirts (girls)

Six plain black slacks (boys)

Six plain white long sleeved and short sleeved shirts.

Six black short sleeved vests.

Six black long sleeved sweaters.

Six pairs Long black knee high socks (girls)

Six pairs Short, ankle black socks (boys)

Six pairs of black dress shoes.

And please buy at least one pair of boots.

You may also want to bring a raincoat, umbrella, and some comfortable clothes for the weekends/after school hours.

You may bring your own bedding, cell phones, along with some more personal items.

What is NOT allowed:

Weapons of any kind.


Recording devices.

Personal computers.

Thank you!

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Redundant information already in the OOC thread.
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(well, i guess we can start right?)


Shadow dancer blinked and looked at the odd letter, and she was about to throw it away, she had never signed up for any school, but, something stopped her, this could be just the ticket out of this dismal apartment of hers.

she looked at the lists, "well, lonelyville? where in the hay is that?" she shook her head and decided to get to that part later, there was a bookshop down the street that she could buy the rest of the items with, and since it was still daylight out, she might as well get started.


(hope thats good XD)

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NightShade opened the mailbox and was surprised to see a letter addressed to her. It was in a lovely purple envelope, and the writing was in curvy blue ink.

She opened it and read through, thinking there had been some mistake.

But anything would be better than living here.

"NightShade, get your butt in here!!" Her mom called.

She sighed and went inside.

"What took you so long?!"

NightShade hid the letter and looked away.

"S-sorry mom.."

She cringed as the slap she'd expected came.

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(abuse.....i do not likes XD)


After buying the books and supplies, shadow dancer frowned in thought, the letter told her to pack her bags and head to the nearby train station that evening.

"this evening, how do i get to lonelyville?" she thought with a bit of sadness, she didnt even know WHERE lonelyville was,

she sighed in frustration, but shook her head, instructions were instructions, and she was never one to stray far from them, unless they were weird.

as she made her way down to the street, her few things packed and ready to go, she looked at the name of the school again "talented ponies? i wonder if they mean freaks....like me." she shook her head, nopony believed her, except for the few town nutters, she could talk to ponies who had recently died, and dispite many claims she was hoaxing, she HAD helped solve a mysterious murder by talking to the victim himself.

shaking her head to clear these thoughts she stepped onto the platform and walked to the ticket master, "shadow dancer?" he said immiedietly,

she was taken by surprise but answered, "y-yes?"

he smiled, a friendly smile "heres your ticket to lonelyville, your train will be arriveing in half an hour."

shadow dancer blinked, but thanked the ticket master and walked onto the main platform, sitting down, nothing to do but wait.


(whew......i think thats my longest RP post XD)

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Lovely twirled around in her sexy heeled boots and cute little pleated skirt (which she rolled up to shorten the length some more). "You look fabulous darling!" Lovely's mother exclaimed, "you're going to be the prettiest unicorn at the Academy, Luna clearly has wonderful taste." Lovely beamed. "So sexy," Lovely's father creepily said under his breath, giving his daughter the eye. "I know all the colts will want to lay with you as soon as they lay eyes on you in that..." Lovely felt nervous, "uh thanks?" "Wallace!" Lovely's mother glared at her husband, "what? It's a compliment? All the colts will be laying her in their heads anyway." Lovely's mother shook her head, "go try on the vests darling, while I go buy these." Lovely smiled at her mother and gave her a quick hug before going back into the dressing room. "Let me know if you need any help in their princess," Lovely's father called out as Lovely's mother nudged him, "you promised you'd stop." She whispered.

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NightShade had gotten all of her shopping done early, and now, without telling anypony where she was going, she was here at the train station. She had just enough of her savings left over for a ticket.

She looked around, but didn't see any type of train for a "LonelyVille."

She sighed and walked up to the ticket booth.

She was surprised to find that there was already a ticket to her location placed outside the window. NightShade looked around, grabbed the ticket, and walked over to the waiting station.

Her luggage was heavy, but she could carry it with magic, so it wouldn't be so bad.

She heard a small sound next to her, and looked over.

NightShade sighed.

"How can I help you?"

She asked a little filly who was white and had almost a clearness to it- like glass.

"I can't find my momma."

NightShade nodded.

"Okay, come here, look at the light. Do you hear your mom?"

NightShade concentrated on the bright light she saw in the corner.


The little filly smiled and jumped over to a older unicorn, who was smiling.

"Thank you, young pony."

The mom and baby walked off, and disappeared into the light.

NightShade hoped no one saw her talking to herself. People often thought she was a crazy pony.

But the truth was- she could see and talk to dead ponies.

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Shadow dancer boarded the train as it pulled into the station, and as soon as she was aboard, it immiedietly began moving, no conductor, nothing, its like the train knew she already had a ticket.

"alright....." she looked down at her ticket, "E5....e5..." she spotted the empty coach and slipped inside, placing her single saddlebag and the few other items on the overhead catch, looking out the window, she could see the scenery as it wizzed by.

"i hope i can meet somepony like me, then i wont feel like such a freak." she sighed and looked down then decided to lay her head back and try to take a nap.

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NightShade boarded the train and put all her luggage in the luggage car.

She looked around for anypony to sit with, but she was too shy to even try to meet some new pony.

So she sad by herself in her designated spot, e6.

There was a pony in front of her, but NightShade noticed she was sleeping, so she kept quiet and looked out the window.

I wonder where this school is anyway...

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Shadow dancer awoke as the train rocked, and she hit her head on the glass, "oof...." she shook her head and looked around, noticing another pony in the coach with her, "oh...um hello." she smiled in a friendly way, this pony looked shy, and shadow dancer didnt want to chase her off.

"umm, whats your name?" she said softly, "jeeze, with the way shes looking at me, you'd think i was frickin frankenpony"

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shadow dancer smiled politely and in a warm and friendly way, "my name is shadow dancer, its nice to meet you nightshade, are you...by chance going to lonelyville?"

shadow didnt know what prompted the question, but she did want to find out if she was alone or not, and really asking the question might be the best way to find out.

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(no, I did it too xD)


NightShade's eyes went wide.

"Y-yes, it did. Did you get the same thing? Are we going to the same place?"

NightShade looked around, and got up to sit next to Shadow Dancer.

"C-can I sit with you please?"

She blushed.

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shadow dancer smiled "yeah, celestia knows i could use a friend."

she smiled and made room for nightshade, "i do believe we are going to the same place."

her smiled faltered a bit "should i ask her about...nahh, we can deal with that later." she smiled again, "so where are you from?"

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The train stopped and Lovely boarded using her telekinesis to carry her bags upon bags of things. Lovely felt upset that she didn't let her parents wait with her at the train station, but she didn't want her dad to be there. He would probably say something that would put her in a negative funk, and if she was going to excel she'd need to stay positive. Lovely looked around for her seat, E4. She found it and sat down next to Shadow Dancer Lovely noticed Midnight was already talking to somepony so she tried to be as quiet as possible.

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(im playing my other charicter X3, granted its a female, but eh meh, her name is shadow dancer)

shadow dancer tilted her head and smiled at the new pony, "hello, whats your name?"

"wow, if i can make two friends in a row, this could be some kind of personal record or something."

she facehoofed as she must have looked dumb smiling like an idiot.

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"Who me?" Lovely looked shocked that the pony next to her even noticed her. "I mean, it's Lovely!" Lovely tried not to seem as awkward as she was. "Of course, right, Lovely. Lovely name right?" Lovely laughed, "and you are?"

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my name is shadow dancer, and this, is nightshade," shadow smiled, "you heading to lonelyville too?"

she smiled warmly, trying not to look creepy or akward, "dangit, im overthinking this, just be yourself."

"i can talk to dead ponies....." shadow facehooved, "buck."


(akward forced stuff FTW)

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shadow dancer looked at lovely then at the way nightshade ran, "excuse me, for a moment."

shadow dancer approached the bathroom and knocked on the door, "nightshade, its shadow dancer, i didnt mean to upset you." she sighed, "but, i can speak to dead ponies, i was telling the truth."

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Lovely starred at the two ponies with a wide blank stare, she blinked every few seconds from confusion. First the letter and now this, this is getting stranger and stranger by the second. Lovely waited for the two ponies to come back.

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