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The creation of a new empire

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Hello I am PHANT0MKNlGHT or as you may know me on this server as Red_Eye and I have a very ambitious project that I would like to purpose to the entire poniarcade server. I wish to modernize, industrialize, and organize this server bringing it into a golden age. I am planning on doing this by making a new organization, a meritocracy oligarchy in which we will combine our efforts for the good of the server and ourselves. Some of you may be wondering what a Meritocracy or and Oligarchy is let me explain. A Meritocracy is a form of government in which rulers are elected based on Merit. If you do significantly better than your superior than you take their place, I am also hopping to make a culture where one will happily step down from their position if they are clearly outclassed. An Oligarchy is a form of government where the government is run by a few elite, in this case it is four but in the future I wish to bump it up to twelve, these elite are called knights each one of them will have a specialized job and a Sphere of influence as sub specialized organization, as of now these spheres are; The Sphere of Teaching and Knowledge, The sphere of Architecture,The sphere of Technology, and The sphere of Production and Logistics. More information will be posted about these spheres below as well as their hemispheres, but keep in mind these are rough drafts and will be rewritten by the Knights of each sphere who will have a better understanding of their jobs.Also being in one sphere does not prohibit you from doing work for another sphere, but no one can have more than one government position. As of right now and until the spheres are set up I am looking for Knights for three of the spheres as I am taking the knight position for teaching and knowledge for myself for now.  Feel free to go into any of the threads concerning any of the spheres and read up upon them and post a resume if you want to join the sphere, right now I'm mainly looking for people who want knight positions so I can get more help organizing this project as well as detailing the spheres and making the roles inside them more comprehensible and more refined. Please out any questions you have down below and I will be happy to answer them.
For your resume you will want to include a few things. The position you want, Why you want this position, what qualifies you to be in this position, and a list of achievements, you will also need Skype chat if you don't have this or simply don't want to use it don't bother applying for a knight position as communication is vastly important, you can put information about yourself such as age, gender, and race, but honestly I have no quarrels with any of these and will certainly not be applying any I have to this organization, as long as you can get the job done better than anyone else you're in. Winners of the knight positions will be announced December 25th the first knightly meeting will be on January 1st after this the rest of the applicants will be reviewed the knights and placed in whatever order they deem will fit the best.

hey, you mind posting the other spheres? life the sphere of morale you told me about?

I am starting with these four spheres at first there will be two goals for the amount of citizens in the empire each goal will unlock four more spheres. Starting with all twelve spheres all at once might overwhelm and confuse people so I'm going to start off small, the goals and the planned spheres are below:
Goal 1: 48 People
Sphere of Laws and Justice
Sphere of Morale
Sphere of Scouting
Sphere of Expansion and Diplomacy
Goal 2: 96 People
Sphere of Economics
Sphere of Philosophy
Sphere of Intelligence
Sphere of Mysteries
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