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Random question of the day! What is your favourite emoticon?


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So I just randomly wanted to start asking stupid questions.

What is your favourite emoticon / the one you use the most. Is there a special reason for this particular one?


Mine is this little fella:




I have no idea why......

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Hard to pin it down; I'd say the :) emoticon is the one I use the most, but for this site, IDK, I think this :mellow: Big Mac emoticon might be my favorite, just cause, why else, it's Big Mac, as an emoticon!!! And that's automatically 20% cooler than any other emoticon, not counting any depicting Rainbow Dash (love ya Dashie :wub: ).

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:| <- looks a bit like a frog to me. It's always fun to use.


(I started doing random questions of the week in one of my classes at school as it uses a website where you can post things. The one i posted for this week is full of ponies xD Threads like these are always fun :))

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It doesn't have a special pony emote on this site, but I like it that way, so in case you're reading this, Feld0, can we keep it that way, please?

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