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this is what I hope happens in season 6. there is no inside knowledge on what will happen as I have no connections in Hasbro or anything. its just my idea.




starlight and twily go to the place where starlight found starswirls time spell and a bunch of other spells. upon arriving they see a huge portal ripping apart time and space. twilight and starlight close the portal but not before starswirl leaps out and teleports away.

the mane six and starlight glimmer try to reason with starswirl, but he is completely insane and cant be reasoned with, he then starts laying waste to ponyville. the mane 6 decide to use the rainbow power to defeat him, but for the first time ever it fails! starswirl uses a shield of powerful dark magic to block the blast then starts slowly disintegrating the mane 5 and starlight. in anger twilight suddenly powers up and channels a huge surge of magic through her, knocking out starswirl and saving the mane 6. before twilight disintegrates starswirl, princess celestia steps in and stops her from killing him. celestia then takes starswirl to canterlot to mend his fractured mind.

twilight then goes back to the cave and finds a hidden library full of old forbidden magic. she seals it and leaves.




we see that twilight has become more powerful after her fight with starswirl and we see some more slice of life episodes, friendship problems being solved and the like.twilight teaches starlight the magic of friendship, and they both work together on figuring out what happened with the rainbow power.

 twilight consults with starswirl who has been healed somewhat by celestia though he still cant remember where he was before he appeared in ponyville ,on what he thinks about the rainbow power. starswirl says he knows not what to do about the rainbow power, but that perhaps twilight should study other magic. starswirl tells twilight that she defeated him when she was enraged and perhaps she should study this more. twilight, who has been thinking the same thing, returns to starswirls cave and enters the secret library.




more slice of life episodes and starlight glimmer and starswirl the bearded become friends. the mane 5 start to notice that twily isn't herself lately, though its mostly little things, like being overly organized and studying more than usual. one day twilight is late for her training with starlight.starlight over reacts and tracks her down finding twilight in the library doing a dark magical ritual. starlight teleports them both out and tells her to stay away from such books. twilight agrees but continues to go anyways.




twilight tells princess celestia that the only way to fix the tree of harmony and the rainbow power is to make all disharmony, and evil creatures disappear with a spell she learned. celestia tells twilight that she will not allow it, that it is evil to take away peoples free will and that it is not true friendship.

twilight sets out to use the spell but celestia, cadence, luna and discord stand against her. celestia tells twilight there is no way she can win and that she is outnumbered, but twilight just laughs and shows them her true power. while in the library twilight had been harnessing untold amounts of dark magic and infusing it into herself. with this new power, twilight defeats the princesses and discord in a battle that shakes the very roots of equestrian, she then binds them in tartarus and wipes the memory of the battle from everyones minds except for starlight, starswirl and the mane 5 who were protected by starlight.




equestria is now ruled by twilight, and all unhappy, angry or sad thoughts are gone, the only person whos free will twilight didn't try to take was spike, who rules as prince of equestria.

one day while spike is riding around equestria overseeing his kindom, he is kidnapped by starlight glimmer and the mane 5. spike is scared, believing, like everyone else, that starlight glimmer and the mane 5 are traitors to equestria. but after hearing there story of how twilight forcefully conquered equestria and that everyones memories and free will was taken, spike isn't sure what to believe. starlight gives spike memories of how twilight was before she ruled and then spike is released.

spike watches twilight and comes to the conclusion that starlight and the mane 5 are right because friendship no longer matters to twilight. spike sneaks starlight and the mane 5 into queen twilights castle then the battle begins. twilight easily defeats there feeble attemptys to harm her and imprisons the six of them in tartarus. spike pleads with twilight to free them but twilight whirls on him in a rage. twilight screams at spike, saying she trusted him, then she takes his free will. realizing what she did twilight weeps and cries, finally seeing the error of her ways.

twilight unbinds the evil magic from her which turns out to be alive. though it cannot speak it attacks her, but without a host twilight defeats it. realizing the solution to the rainbow problem, with the last of her power twilight travels back in time and seperates twilight from the dark magic before she can defeat the princesses and discord. queen twilight instructs twilight never to use dark magic again and then leaves.

twilight later realizes that the source of the problems cannot be fixed as the problem comes from the alternate universes created in her battle with starlight. the map stretches acrossed time and space, even other universes, and since more universe were full of disharmony than harmony the trees power had faded. twilight calls everyone that there is no way to stop it now, they must simply wait to see what happens next!


plz post thoughts. thank you

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intresting, only a few problems, hasrbo wouldn't let that happen because they wouldn't want twilight to be seen as evil, i would like it but, hasbro. maybe something similar but not exactly that. plus twilight is the main character, not being seen for most of the season would be a problem for hasbro yet again.

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This is a show with a positive message and Hasbro wouldn't dare to leave an episode on that much on a sour note, especially during the whole season and with their main character Twilight Sparkle (i know how much you like that word ;)), so no, this won't happen.


But interesting nonethenless.

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