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I love your artist lineup. And yeah, I think I can see some of their influence shine through.  :lol:


Few more questions.  :P

How do you compare the atmosphere behind the comic compared to what the show seems to project? I haven't read too many of the comics just yet, but I've gotten the impression that they seem to be a bit more 'free' with their exploration of events or general plot. Kinda curious what someone who has worked on said comic has to say regarding that.


Also, what's your convention experience been like since joining up with the fandom? I remember seeing you at Nightmare Nights, and it seemed like you had a pretty awesome set up.

yeah i know campbell is the one artist whose influence is seen the strongest in my work, specially how i draw women but then again i love women anyway lol.


There is alot more freedom from what i can tell on the comics with what we can do and the ideas we can explore, sometimes it seems we get to expand on characters the show might say we did what we needed to do. like the current storyline running thru FIM that Jeremy Whitly is writing that is focusing on Sombra and giving us more development with that character, its a nice thing to be able to do that where your not forced to have to stay soo strict to show rules and be able to make the world of mlp bigger whereas it may not be strictly canon it does create alot more content and hopefully entertaining stories for the fans specially when the show goes on hiatus we stil have the two mlp titles to read and get or pony fix.


I have honestly had nothing but good expierences at cons so far, each one i learn something new about how to do my table or i get to meet more amazing fans and the chance to get to know the others who work on the comics or show is always amazing, i got to know Maryke alot more recently at Ciderfest which was amazing she is fantastic and Peter New and i have gotten to hang out and joke around alot more since BABScon which has been a blast Peter and i seem to share that same off kilter sense of humor i honestly feel very blessed everyday to get to do what i do and be around soo many amazing people such as urself wether its thru cons or on social media. the mlp fandom is honestly one of the best fandoms ive seen in a long time.


Okay if you don't mind one more!!

So, if I am correct you did/do work in the fashion world? If this is true what did you do, like did you actually sew the clothing or just design them. And if so did you find that harder then if you were just drawing a picture for a comic?


I was a fashion designer as a full time career for many years now i dont really do it just cause ive put the focus on working in comics now, i did go to school to learn all the aspects of fashion design, so creating patterns,sewing all the aspects of working in that field, but in the end i just focused on the design part where i just drew up the ideas that would be created into the actual clothes u could buy in stores, I think now that ive been doing more work in comics that fashion is actually alot easier when i look back at stuff, with comics my job is to tell a story panel to panel that if you were to take the words out of the book you could tell what that story is that can be much more challenging and sometimes stressful then just drawing a static image of a prom dress or a pair of jeans, not that fashion would not be just as stressful when you trying to focus on a new spring line or winter line and your looking at how do you bring out a new trend when in the end all we do is take something from a past generation and repurpose it, fashion is very circler whatever has been done before will come back around, just look at juniors fashion right now so much is based on 90s fashions, my closest now looks almost identical to my 15yr old selfs closet with skater skirts, plaid tops and combat boots

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Well guys, Jenn has to go pretty soon so I'm going to lock this up now. Thanks to everybody who participated and especially thanks to Jenn Blake for not only participating in this Q&A but donating 18 prints for us to auction off in support of Making Christmas Merrier.


Again, please consider bidding on some prints and making a donation to Making Christmas Merrier to help out the children at the BC Children's Hospital this holiday season!


Thanks again and be sure to keep an eye out for our January Q&A announcement!

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Thank you to all of you that asked questions tonite, i had an amazing time talking with all of you and i hope my answers will helpful to some of you, and to those of you getting pieces in the charity auctions thank you so much for helping out such a great cause, the Brony fandom is one of the most giving fandoms i've seen and it touches my heart thank you again to MLP forums and poniverse for having me as part of this it was alot of fun and all of you feel free to find me on Twitter or FB or DA and chat anytime im always happy to chat and make jokes thank you all again and have a wonderful holiday and new year  <3

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