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How Difficult Is Renting an Entire House/Apartment Then Getting Roommates?

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I have some decisions to make about housing because of very adverse decisions made by the landlady of where I am living now. There are many routes to go and innumerable variances in various traits, and one of them is to rent a house or apartment myself and then seek out roommates, rather than the other way around which I have been doing for years. I am utterly inexperienced with this and thus I ask you all for advice.


I have been living in a house with up to 5 occupants for over two years here, renting out a room for 350/month (including utilities). I have been very complacent and unimaginative with regards to housing, but I was forced not to be when she decided to evict me due to the supposed effect my gender non-conformity has on her business there (the effect is pretty much zero).


There is a wildly unpredictable legal component here which will affect costs and timetables since I have to fight in court even for the 60 days she must give me, and to raise the discrimination issue (this is illegal under the federal Fair Housing Act and HUD's interpretation of the protected Sex category, in case anyone is in a similar position). Do I rely purely on state law and try to leave by 28 December, or do I rely on federal protection and appeal a loss which seems likely (I might get a judge who agrees with a pro-trans interpretation, though) after the state's statute is followed? Is turning this into a protracted siege worth the costs financially? Will HUD or any organization assist me with appeals?


However, the other component is even more important, the housing strategy. Do I look for low-income subsidized housing (I'm disabled and get benefits for that), or do I look for a room? What filters do I use to prevent both information overload and endangering myself with a bad situation? What is my cut-off financially and with regards to public transit? Yesterday and today, I had a rather important realization, one that is late and I am rather embarrassed about given my identification as a strategist and tactician: I could rent a 3+ bedroom and then bring in roommates to sustain that, giving me control and saving me from having to rely on the tolerance and whims of other people.


Of course, I have never done something like this in my life, and this is the largest public place I am a member of on which such a question is within decorum. I also would be preferring bronies and furries in such a circumstance, so it's also somewhat relevant to bronydom. I have minimal knowledge of this process and thus need advice. Are such places usually furnished? Are there costs involved that I am not aware of (beyond utilities or having to suffer if a room is vacant)? Is there a high likelihood even with proper vetting and precautions, I will have to contend with bad roommates? Will finding suitable roommates take over a month usually? Is it considered reasonable to lower my share of expenses and increase those of the others (like, if there are 4 of us, have them pay over 25% each and me less) if I oversee the place and pay the landlord? Should I actually look more towards buying a house with some sort of home loan instead (I have nothing for collateral and am already 6k in debt, but have decent credit ratings), and then rent the remaining bedrooms as I would if I was only renting the place to pay for the mortgage and utilities?


I thank you all in advance for your assistance. I hope I can pursue this option so I can for once be in charge of things and provide a suitable place for upstanding bronies and furries and others to live.

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