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Pot & Ponies?

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How did you find MLP Forums?: I found this through my fiancé .

How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I watched a video on YouTube and couldn't understand what was so upsetting to people about the show. I wanted to know why people could hate it so much. I never found out but I fell in love with it all.

I would just like to know if anypony else smokes the green while they watch XD and if so , how much and how it enhances the experience. And if you don't, maybe you should try? The possibilities are endless :3... I wonder if I'm even allowed to ask this? We shall see

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Hello there Erica, its nice to meet you :twi:  Welcome to forums. I am sure you'll love here and there are lots of ponies who wait impatiently to meet with you in our community :pinkie:  No need to be shy, ok :kindness: ?





If you wish to ask anything, you can always send PM . See you around ;) '''

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Seasons greetings, welcome from me and many others as well. (i hope) hit me up with a PM or friend request (if you wish). Welcome to the herd, for all shall be assimilated, and If you need or would like help with the RP part of this great community I'd be glad to help you out.


Again welcome.



and to answer your question I believe it's because that we push our fandom to much on others like SJW's (I don't think were that bad but oh well)

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Ponies are good, the herb is good, new members are good. Officially speaking, talking about using the green is less than kosher unless you live where it's legal, but hay (seewutididthere ;) ) it's defacto legal in most places. It's good to have some fresh buds in the community, and I look forward to seeing you around, welcome.

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Hello, and welcome to the amazing MLP Forums! I hope you love it here and meet plenty of sweet friends! :) I'm sure you will! Thanks for joining, it's great to have you here, and if ever you have any inquiries or just wanna chat, then feel free to shoot me a PM or a profile comment! :squee:

And to answer your question... no, sorry.

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