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Ponyville Live Finds a New Home with Poniverse

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Since being founded in 2013, Ponyville Live has grown to be the fandom’s largest multimedia network. Ponyville Live is the pony community’s premier source for pony radio, podcasts, video streams, and much more. Like much of the fandom, Poniverse was sad to learn recently that Silver Eagle would be stepping down from his position as head of Ponyville Live. In an effort to keep this valuable service available to the community, Ponyville Live will continue to stay active as the newest member of the Poniverse network!


As part of this transition, Alex “Dusk” Howard will serve as the new head of Ponyville Live. Dusk has served both as an administrator for the Ponyville Live network as well as working on several of Ponyville Live’s stations. While he’ll no longer be serving as the head of Ponyville Live, Silver Eagle will be joining the Poniverse team as one of our developers, allowing him to continue to work on the technical side of Ponyville Live and help it to thrive and grow. Ponyville Live and Poniverse will be working over the next few weeks to transition Ponyville Live into our network as seamlessly as possible.


Ponyville Live joins a wide array of sites and services offered by Poniverse including MLP Forums, Pony.fm, Equestria.tv, and PoniArcade. Poniverse is the fandom’s largest supercommunity providing the fandom with a one-stop-shop for all their pony needs. We here at Poniverse are excited about the opportunities this merger will present and are looking forward to the chance to work even closer with our friends at Ponyville Live.


If you’d like to read more about Ponyville Live’s merger with Poniverse, you can check out their announcement here: http://news.ponyvillelive.com/post/135213219828/ponyville-live-lives-poniverse-and-the-future-of

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To all Ponyville Live! team members, welcome to the Poniverse team!  We all look forward to collaborating with you all going forward and hope you like it here.  :muffins:

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I am so tempted to do my usual MLP FIM Forums welcome :pinkie:

Hello 'Ponyville Live' and welcome to our wonderful forums Poniverse :rarity:

I hope you have a great time here and make lots of new pony friends :grin2:

If you need any help please feel free to PM me the Poniverse Staff or add me the Poniverse Staff as a friend

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