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The Brony Song!

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It's not easy being a brony,
Both my parents and my friends don't understand...
They say ponies aren't for boys,
That I shouldn't buy these toys,
That I need to toughen up and be a man...

It's not easy being a brony,
but especially a brony who's a girl.
The attention's all on guys-
Why can no one realize
that there are Pegasisters all around the world!

I can't make it to the meetups-
or contribute brony art-
I'm straight but my family thinks I'm gay....
I'd buy shirts but I'm too cheap-
I'm seeing rainbows in my sleep-
And I can't pull off a Pinkie Pie cosplay!

Why can't I hug Fluttershy-?
'My Little Dashie' made me cry-
When will pony clothes come in my size?

I don't see what all the fuss is,
I just watch it for the plot!
Every week, I get trolled by Tara Strong...
All my feelings are conflicting
over Lyra/Bon-Bon shipping!
iTunes, y u no have any pony songs?!

I'll always love the show I choose,
despite the stories on Fox news.
I'm Twilightlicious,
And I love Derpy Hooves!

Life can be hard for a brony,
But our show's the very best you'll ever see!
And the world will soon discover
a great show that's like no other,
Join the herd! Watch M-L-P!

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I love that song! It is definitely one of my favorite brony songs, but I did enjoy the second part of it.

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