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Merry Christmas to all of you. I spend the holiday mostly with my family. We play games, watch movies, eat good food and just talk. Some would say it's very simple, but isn't that what Christmas is partially about? Remembering the times where it was simple? It's a comforting atmosphere, with no problems whatsoever. :)


I hope you have a fine christmas as well. <3

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Merry Christmas everypony!


How did Christmas go for us?


"I'd say we kicked Christmas's BUTT!  It was TOTALLY cool, and the colts got FIRE Tablets from Santa!"


Okay, and how about you?


"Well, I would certainly say there was quite an enjoyable amount of holiday chaos to be had!"


Agreed.  And you?





... we all agree: muffins.






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Merry Christmas to you, too.


Don't need present. If I want something I get it.

Me and my famliy just at home as normal and watch Telly. And cooking the Turkey (still in the oven).

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This is what I got

Nancy Drew Haunting of Castle Malloy and Legend of the Crystal Skull

Star Wars Light-saber Candy

Nerds Rope

Sweet Tarts

A Candy cane

Canon Camera

Pebble Charger

Star Wars trading cards and pins

Top rock songs 2015

Trans Siberian Orchestra: Letters from the Labyrinth

Batman Pajamas

Bat signal pen

Batman Riddle Book

Batman bag tag

Star Trek 2016 Calendar

Star Wars 2016 min calendar

Alabama bucket hat

Alabama hoodie

Minions movie Dvd and blu ray

Minion book mark that says "Keep calm and eat a banana"

Batman Arkham Origins

Fallout 4

Digimon All Star Rumble


Star Wars Snackeez

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Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you all have a happy holiday.  :kindness:

I'm planning on playing some some video games on my new Wii U.

The things I got for Christmas are:


- Nintendo Wii U and a couple games

- clothes

- Attack on Titan anime poster

- Princess Luna, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack Christmas ornaments

- blanked and toothbrush

- chocolate and candy 

- $25 GameStop gift card 

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I got a headband making kit (gotta love 'em),Green galaxy headphones, American girl doll (don't judge I just like them o.o), mini bowling set, a amazon giftcard ^^,a tree ornament, a light up ball, a lava lamp and some more.. not that much this year but whatever who cares- i'm getting too old for lots of stufffsss 

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Well it was a fairly normal Christmas.   BUISY.     I got woke up about 5:30 A.M. becaause everyone else was already up.  Opened presents.   THen when it got a bit brighter, I went outside and played with one of my toys, those jumping shoes things(Picture in spolier).





Then I helped my lil brother set up his new Xbox One(That took hours)


I fell asleep for 2 hours.


Then at 6 PM i went to my Gmas and we did our Christmas thing there. (Includes drinking my uncle's moonshine, Tradition and all :icwudt: )


I got back home and put my Chewbacca Onsie i got today on. (Its pajamas, but i find it funnier to call it a onsie)(Picture under Spoiler)





I also got a nice art kit.(My Drawings suck, No idea why they got me one.  Also i only draw ponies and i have been getting shit, joking with me, dissapointing i guess,  about the whole pony thing.  Ohwell)




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