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Hey im new here and im excited to see,meet and greet everypony here! I first got into the show since season one and have loved it ever since but havent been really active online in the fandom until recently. My favorite pone is and always will be pinkie pie. Her happy voice and random personality can lift up my spirts even during a crappy day. Any way leave any questions you have for me below because ill have plenty for you!

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Hi there Pinkaminaseesu! ^.^ Happy to have you aboard!   :) 




I hope you have a wonderful time here! We are an amazing community and I think you will absolutely love it here!


Thank you so much for joining us! Hope to see you around more!   :lol: If you have any questions, feel free to ask.    ;)

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Hello there Pinkaminaseesu, its nice to meet you :twi:  Welcome to forums. I am sure you'll love here and there are lots of ponies who wait impatiently to meet with you in our community :pinkie:  No need to be shy, ok :kindness: ?





If you wish to ask anything, you can always send PM . See you around ;) '''

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Hello there and welcome to the forums. It is great to have you here :). Don't be afraid of jumping in :D. I hope you have a wonderful time here and make a lot of friends :squee:.


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Welcome to the forums pinkaminaseesu117!!

hi im shadow dash ^^


im sure you will like the forums! there's lots to talk about and lots of new pony friends to make!

ya i agree, pinkie pies randomness is realy a mood up lifter xD

if you ever have a question or want to chat dont be afraid to pm me (i dont bite  :P )


I hope you enjoy the forums!

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