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How old are the equestria girls?


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You answered your own question with that.

Sunset looks younger than she is, that's it.

It's also possible that the mirror took some years she had as a pony. Look at this way: our ponies must be around 17 to 22 years old, still, the age difference between them and the CMCs is evidently long. The fillies can't be over 10 years old. While in the human world, the age gap between their human counterparts is shorter, with the crusaders being freshmen attending the same school as the humane6.


Evidence also points to Flash Sentry. Pony Flash is already a royal guard, a recruit, but that can't make him under 18 years, and his human counterpart is in HS.


BUT, there's no greater evidence in this that Cheerilee. Pony Cheerilee is around the same age as the Mane6, as seen in flashbacks in the Cutie Mark Chronicles and Pinkie Pride episodes, while  her human counterpart is a teacher, with her hair and freckles to make her look older than the humane6, despite using the same design otherwise

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It's also possible that the mirror took some years she had as a pony.

That is kind of what I wrote before your post.  :P

But I guess your's did not refer to her human counterpart.

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I made a blog post on Sunset, I'mma going to post it here!


So I'm pretty sure that anyone who's been watching Equestria Girls has looked at the timeline its given and has been utterly confused by how it works. From the look of things it doesn't make any sense. Sunset Shimmer was Celestia's Student before Twilight Sparkle and fled through the mirror after she became too ambitious and has been gone for a long time. The odd thing is when you listen to Princess Celestia's story in Equestria Girls, look at Sunset's backstory in the comic and then look at the Human world, things just don't seem to match up, leaving many FiM fans stumped.


Well hold on to your seats folks because I have an explanation for this! You also might want to get an ice pack or bag of Frozen peas as explanations on time/dimensional travel tend to give people massive headaches.


As I've mentioned the timeline in Equestria and the Timeline in Pedestria doesn't match. If you look at Sunset Shimmer's back story in the comics and listen to Celestia's story, Sunset Shimmer was Princess Celestia's student before Twilight Sparkle was. She was being groomed to be an Alicorn princess much like Twilight was as the comics have left plenty of hints.

  • In the Fiendship is Magic: King Sombra issue it was explained by Radiant Hope, when she got the letter calling for her to come to Canterlot so she could be a personal student to one the Princesses, that a Princess only takes on a student if they have to potential to be a princess. This was one of the triggers that sent Sombra down the path he took and may be one of the reasons this became a secret 1000 years in the future.
  • In the "Fall of Sunset Shimmer" Origin Comic when Sunset Shimmer looked into the mirror and Celestia asked what she saw, Sunset saw herself as an Alicorn Princess (Similar to her Friendship Games appearance) and said in her own words she sees somepony powerful enough to rule Equestria.
  • And when Sunset Shimmer demanded that Celestia make a princess, Celestia said in her own words "No, being a Princess must be earned...I have been trying teaching you everything you need to know, but you've turned from it. Every time you say you "deserve" something without the effort just proves to me that you're not ready."
  • There's also the possibility that she was being groomed to be a potential Element of Magic as Celestia has also been trying to hint that Sunset should make some friends as she's been trying to tell Sunset how valuable Friendship is.

However as we all know Celestia's plans fell through and Sunset fled through the mirror. The same comic also pinpoints the time she left as when you look in the background you will see a filly Twilight Sparkle being babysit by Cadence who was 17-18 at the time according to the Neigh Anything comic where it indicated that Cadence and Shining Armor where High School seniors. And when you look at Sunset Shimmer you can also see that she's the same age as Cadence as she has the appearance of a young adult mare and is still attending the School for Gifted Unicorns.


Now this is where we get into the wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff. As many fans have noticed the time frame doesn't match up as in the human world, judging by the photos in Principal Celesta's office at CHS, Sunset has been in the Human World for a total of four years but in Equestria many more have passed.


Let's take a look at Twilight Sparkle for a second. When Sunset left, Twilight was a filly at the Age 5, maybe even 4 as the comic indicates that Sunset left a few days after she passed her midterm, being babysat by a 17-18 year old Cadence. Fast Forward to the events of Friendship is Magic where Twilight Sparkle was sent to Ponyville as a young adult, this would put Twilight around the age of 18-24 years of age however I assume it's somewhere around the minimum. This means that while time passed in four years in the human world, time passed in Equestria at a minimum of 13 years (3 years and 3 months in Equestria per year in Pedestria) or a maximum of 19 years (4 years, 9 months Equestria per Pedestrian Year). At this point it's fair to make the conclusion that time isn't synced between the two worlds.


Now going back to Sunset. As we all know, the Humans are either aged up or aged down in comparison to their Equestrian counterparts and the Mirror also has that effect on those who use it. While Sunset did leave Equestria as an 17-18 year old mare the mirror aged her down to a Human with the physical age of 14 years when she entered the Human World. As of EQG: FG she has now has the physical age of 17-18 Year Old human. But that's not all, the mirror also seems to have the effect of freezing a pony's physical age in Equestria as Sunset has returned to Equestria in Equestria Girls and it looks like she hasn't aged a bit.


With that said, while she may still have the appearance and physical age of a young adult mare officially in Equestria is a total of 30-31 years old minimum, 36-37 years maximum. That's just going by the time that's passed in since she was born in Equestria. Her actual age is 21-22 years old (17-18 years of life in Equestria, 4 years of life in the human world)


In other words, she's going to need some new ID because that's not going to fly!

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That is definitely one nice theory.

Props to you! sig-4327982.sig-4327982.sig-4327982.chry



But not everyone sees the comics as canon.

I, as an example, see them more as an "idea collection".

They show what could happen and how things could have happenedbut this does not necessarily mean that those things are canon to the show or the movies.

If the writes of the show (or Hasbro) want to change things from the comics in the show or the movies they can still do this, like they did with A.K. Yearling (when I got this right).

And the fact that Sunset had (almost) the exact same friends as Twilight in the comic, shows me that it probably did not really happen this way...Either that or Lyra and the others a just really freaking slow with studying.



Another thing I have against your theory would be Twilight (or more EQG1):

If there is a time difference of several years between both worlds, should not a few weeks or even months have passed while she was in the human world to get her crown back?

Because it does not seem like it.


And a character we should keep in mind, when we think of Sunset's past, is Spike.

Then how many years passed in Equestria will probably be his age as well, since he seems to be born shortly after she run away.

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EQG really messes things up, i am still under the impression that the mane 6 are 18-22, but i have to think that the human 6 has to be 17-18 since it seems like they are in their senior year. Sunset has to be older since she is not a native of the human world

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Everybody seems to be assuming that Canterlot High follows the US school system.  It's a fair assumption, given that MLP is an American franchise but it is worth considering that High School in other countries can be five or six years,  (five years in parts of Canada for example, where MLP is actually made) which would give more room for speculation and may alleviate some of the perceived inconsistencies.

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hard to say, they are supposed to be in school and yet i never see any parents anywhere and sunset just dropped out of nowere and seems to live alone so she must be at least 18?

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They are all in their Senior year of high school (around 16-18 years of age). In the 1st film, you could see 3 portraits of Sunset Shimmer winning the Fall Formal in her Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years respectively. This means that the 1st film takes place sometime between August-October of their Senior Year. Just my 2 cents on the topic  -_-

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Here's my view on them:


Twilight: 18: Senior

Rainbow Dash: 20: Sophomore in college

Applejack: 20: Sophomore in college

(every mane 6 member except Sunset, Twilight, and Pinkie Pie, would be in college)

Pinkie Pie: 17: Junior (seems to be the youngest, don't you think?)

Fluttershy: 19: Freshman in college

Sunset: 18: Senior


Here's where our seniors would go:


Rainbow Dash: North Carolina (matching coat color!), transfers to LSU (best conference!)

Applejack: Texas (Hook 'em, Horns!)

Sunset: Arizona State (Sun Devils. I know, it's suggestive to the first movie, but it's the only team that has a sun-related name!)

Twilight: Ivy League school: Yale, maybe.


Well, that's my opinion on their ages. What do you think?



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Good question... in the first movie that had to have been sophomores or juniors, but they are definitely seniors now (in the upcoming movie anyways)... that begs the question tho, how old are the CMC? In the first movie, that HAD to have been way too young to be in high school, but whatever! Haha!  :sunbutt:

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I am not from the US, which means that my concept of American/Canadian schooling systems is limited;

However, using Australian schooling systems, I have worked out somehow what age each member of the human Mane 6 and Sunset Shimmer is.

For starters, we should look at the obvious things, Freshman Year Down Under is years 7 and 8. We can assume, because high school starts when you're 12, Sunset arrived in the human world and became the age of 12. In reality, Sunset is actually 4 years older than the actual age she is; when she's 12 or 13, she's actually 16 or 17, and when she's 16 or 17, she's 20 or 21. The way I got this is because Twilight, in Pony years would be 18, meaning that the portal ages you down or up depending on where you have to be. I also got this because of the fact that Sunset has won princess of the fall formal 3 times prior to the 1st EQG movie. 

Using info from the show prior, we know that Fluttershy is a year older than Pinkie. Therefore, Fluttershy could also be a year older than other members of the cast, being 16 during the first 2 movies, and 17 during the third. She could have been dropped down a grade, or started kindergarten at the age of 6.

Using this info, during the first movie, Pinkie and Rainbow are possibly 15 during the first two movies. Though I think, due to the episode Pinkie Pride happening inbetween EQG 1 and EQG 2, Rainbow was 15 during movie 1, and turned 16 before movie 2. She's also 16 during movie 3. Pinkie however, is 15 during movies 1 and 2, and 16 during movie 3.

Applejack and Rarity are the hardest, mostly because of their younger siblings. We can only assume that there's a substantial age gap between the pair, as well as AJ and Big Mac. Most likely, if he's of similar age to Shining Armor, he was probably 16 when AJ started and 18 or 19 during EQG one. Therefore, AJ was 13 when she started, 16 during EQG 1 and 2 and 17 during EQG 3. 

Rarity though would possibly be similar in age to Twilight and Sunset (as she appears). We could assume that there's a three year age gap between her and Sweetie Belle, meaning that if Sweetie's 12 during EQG 1, she's 15. 

Finally there's Twilight, we'll use a line from Principal Cinch, where she mentions that Twilight is on her last year at Crystal Prep. This means that Twilight could be in Year 11 or 12 and either be 17 or 18.

I'll assume because Rainbow is allowed to run a pep rally for CHS that the Humane 6 plus Human Twilight are in year 11, because where I'm from, the Year 11's are considered to be the Leadership Class alongside the Year 12's.

But that's my opinion. And it's a lot of writing. So TLDR the ages in EQG 3 are;

Twilight: 18

Sunset: 18 or 19 (Pony ages 21 or 22)

Pinkie: 16

Rainbow: 16

Fluttershy: 17

Rarity: 16

Applejack: 17

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I always just assumed they were all 17 or 18.



There was a topic on this forum that contains a theory saying Sci-Twi is 20 years of age and there is some evidence to prove it.

How could she be 20 if she's still in High School?

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